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Pluri receives first-ever patent approval for 3D bioreactor technology in plant cell cultivation

March 11, 2024

Pluri Inc has announced an important expansion to its intellectual property portfolio with a new patent approval that is designed to reshape the agricultural technology landscape. The patent, titled 'A System for 3D Cultivation of Plant Cells and Methods of Use', represents a major breakthrough in Pluri's proprietary 3D bioreactor technology, enabling efficient cultivation of plant cells across various applications, from sustainable agriculture to critical healthcare solutions.

An immediate application for the patent is PluriAgtech’s sustainable cell-based coffee. The 3D cell expansion technology can produce high-quality coffee with 98% less water and 95% less growing area. Pluri’s patent and 3D cell expansion technology can also potentially address an emerging gap in agricultural healthcare, as approximately one-fifth of the 50,000 medical plants used today are on a list of threatened species.

The global cellular agriculture market was valued at US$133 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to US$515 billion by 2030. This growth trajectory potentially positions Pluri's newly patented technology as a potentially transformative force within this important industry. "This key patent not only solidifies our leadership in cell expansion technology but also aligns with our strategic vision to scale the production of cell-based products industrially, potentially opening a broad spectrum of market opportunities," commented Yaky Yanay, Pluri's CEO and President said:

With over 140 active and granted patents, Pluri's robust IP portfolio is a testament to its pioneering role in the agtech industry. This patent, secured from the Israel Patent Office, further enhances Pluri's competitive positioning through innovative contributions to sustainable agriculture and beyond.

“We believe this patent positions Pluri as a leader in cell expansion technology for the agtech industry,” added Yanay. “PluriAgtech’s patented technology can be used for a wide range of plant cell products like food and beverages, medicine, ingredients, and more. We see many opportunities in the agtech space, where Pluri is on the forefront of providing sustainable solutions for humanity’s greatest challenges both through our own proprietary products and in conjunction with potential partners.”

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