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Plurinuva rebrands as Ever After Foods and launches scalable platform for production of cultivated meat

March 3, 2023

Food-tech innovator Ever After Foods, formerly known as Plurinuva when it spun out of 3D cell-based technology pioneer Pluri Inc last year, has announced that it has officially launched its patented bioreactor platform to produce cultivated meat. Backed by the Tnuva Group, Israel’s largest food producer, the company has created the first production platform that can bring cultivated meat to the mass market at scale.

“In less than a year, Ever After Foods developed a solution unlike any other in the market through massive technological advancements that evolved the original biotech-focused technology into a food-grade platform. We see incredible potential for Ever After Foods to transform cells into high-quality cultivated meat products,” commented Yaky Yanay, Pluri CEO & President, as well as Chairman of Ever After Foods.

Ever After Foods’ proprietary scalable bioreactor system for cultivated meat production overcomes the critical scaling challenge faced by industry players. Its manufacturing plants will require significantly lower capital expenditures and lower production costs – providing a 700 percent increase in productivity when compared to other cultivated meat technology platforms.

“Current cultivated meat companies all use very similar methods for growing cells and face insurmountable challenges when it comes to scaling production in a cost-effective manner. To achieve cost parity, their methods will demand huge bioreactors of more than 10,000-liters, which are infeasible for use with animal cells," added Eyal Rosenthal, CEO, Ever After Foods. "Our disruptive technology enables significantly higher cultivated meat production capacity, with efficiencies that lower resources and costs. We can currently produce more than 10kg of cultivated meat mass with just a 35-liter bioreactor and have a proven path to scale and reach price parity.”

Ever After Foods achieves what its creators claim is uncompromised meat taste and texture for cultivated products. Its cell-based technology produces cultivated meat comprised of all the essential components found in conventional meat, such as fat and muscle cells, as well as the related extra cellular matrix (ECM) proteins.

“Leveraging its unique production platform, Ever After Foods will transform the food system by reinventing how we produce and consume meat," said Eyal Malis, CEO of the Tnuva Group. "Ever After Foods is prepared to spearhead the move toward the efficient development, production and distribution of, delicious, high-quality cultivated meat products at mass scale."

With the United Nations predicting the global population will climb to 9.7 billion by 2050 and global meat demand predicted to far-outpace what the planet’s natural resources can support, cultivated meat provides an animal-friendly alternative that can deliver even more nutrients and protein, while dramatically reducing environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, and agricultural land and water usage. While alternative meats are expected by some to account for 60% of the global meat market by 2040, cultivated meat is forecasted to outpace plant-based alternatives. Although cultivated meat is not yet available for sale or consumption in the USA, given recent groundbreaking progress with the FDA and early markets such as Singapore, the industry needs to scale production in preparation for global availability.

“This is not a fad," concluded Rosenthal. "Addressing food security, health, sustainability and animal-welfare concerns, cultivated meat is the future of food. Our new name, logo and branding underscore our ambition to deliver the future of meat, sustainably, ever after.”

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