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Popular food chain introduces [MOCK] Alt Pastor to menu

January 9, 2023

Ireland’s most popular burrito chain, Boojum, has introduced a new plant-based product for Veganuary 2023. Available until the end of January, the chain’s new 100% plant-based pork Alt Pastor dish is to be rolled out in all Boojum stores across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland ROI.

Al Pastor is a popular and traditional Central Mexican dish. Typically made with seasoned and marinated spit-grilled slices of pork, it has a very distinct flavor profile that has been replicated by Boojum’s own chefs, using plant-based meat alternative, [MOCK] Pork, a bespoke soya and mushroom protein developed exclusively for Boojum. [MOCK] Pork will be combined with Boojum’s own Al Pastor seasoning and sauce for the dish, with the traditional addition of pineapple pieces to add sweetness.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Boojum on this innovative dish for Veganuary 2023," enthused Harpreet Gill, Founder at [MOCK]. "Boojum have utilized our chef-quality [MOCK] Pork to produce something truly creative and tasty. We can’t wait for all Boojum’s customers to try it out, it’s the tastiest dish we’ve tried to date and now a firm favourite!

“We specialize in chef-quality meat alternatives that even the most ardent meat eaters enjoy," continued Gill. "Boojum’s [MOCK] Alt Pastor will give people a real reason to get excited about plant-based products and reducing their meat consumption which aligns with our mission of helping more people eat less meat.”

“Veganuary is an incredibly important initiative that continues to gain popularity," added Paul McCullagh, Marketing Manager at Boojum. "After finding a great partner and product in [MOCK], we knew we had the opportunity to create our best plant-based dish to date.

“Vegetarian meals are the second most ordered dish in Boojum, so we are aware that many of our customers are keen to try plant-based alternatives to our traditional Mexican meal options.

“After months of product development and recipe refinement, we are confident that the [MOCK] Alt Pastor is difficult to differentiate from the original meat-based dish. Both in terms of flavour and the quality of the meat alternative. It’s smoky and sweet, with a mild chilli heat which should appeal to vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike.”

Favoured by vegans and vegetarians all year round, Boojum’s wide range of meat free and customisable meal options have become increasing popular since the introduction of its first meat alternative product last year. The chain’s sweet potato & lentil dish saw huge demand during Veganuary 2020, while its 3 Bean Chilli became a permanent fixture on the menu, following a fan campaign to reinstate it.

“At Boojum, we hope that by helping people to reduce their meat consumption this Veganuary, we can play a small part in protecting the planet and changing perceptions of plant-based products for the better,” concuded McCullagh.

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