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Preliminary agenda published for The Future of Protein Production Summit 2023

November 21, 2022

The organizer of The Future of Protein Production Summit has announced that the preliminary agenda for the 2023 conference is now live and available to view online - and it doesn't disappoint! Among the highlights are Upside Foods' Eric Schulze, who was instrumental in securing the FDA's approval for the company's chicken product last week, albeit he is just is one of more than 75 speakers who will deliver presentations and/or take part in panel discussions at the world's leading online event focusing on the technologies and strategies to scale and commercialize the alternative proteins sector. This takes on even more importance given the apparent 'greenlight' of cultured meat in the USA.

What's more, if you register today at the Super Early Bird rate, you can save US$200 on the delegate's pass, meaning a three-day pass is priced at only US$295. "Being virtual, this means that not only can we put on an industry-leading Summit in the most sustainable way possible, with almost zero detriment to the environment, we also have a much larger pool of expert speakers to choose from and we do not limit our program only by companies' ability and availability to attend face-to-face," enthused Sebastian Sbuttoni, Conference Director. "The interest in this year's Summit has been quite overwhelming. We could have filled the agenda three times over. There are significant technical challenges manufacturers must overcome if alternatives to conventional meat products are going to deliver on their promise. Here we will be focusing on those areas with solutions, in achieving scale, price parity, taste, texture and nutrition, sustainability in production, and more."

More than 240 applications to speak were received – five times as many than the 2022 Summit – which took place in March 2022. Following consultation with the Summit's Expert Technical Advisory Board comprising Bianca Le, Director of Cellular Agriculture Australia, Dr Seronei Chelulei Cheison, CEO & Founder of Sinonin Food Innovations, Floor Buitelaar, Founder of Bright Green Partners, Hannah Lester, Founder of Amgen Consulting, Paul Shapiro, CEO of Better Meat Co, and Stephanie Jaczniakowska-McGirr, Director of Corporate Engagement at ProVeg International. The 2023 Summit will be built around seven key themes: Consumer & Policy; Investment; Ingredients; Scaling Production; Production Technologies; Sustainability of Products & Production; and Supply Chain & Infrastructure.

Attendees can expect high-level technical presentations from industry-leading companies active in the development of alternatives to conventional meat products, as well as the technologies to help manufacturers scale to commercialization. product development processes and how it has given them a clear technology leadership advantage over the competition. In addition to the already mentioned Eric Schulze from Upside Foods, delegates can hear from speakers at Givaudan (Basak Oker, Marketing & CSI Director Europe), Aleph Farms (Didier Toubia, Co-founder & CEO), Pen + Tec (Justyna Palasinska, Regulatory Affairs Director), The Good Food Institute (Amy Huang, Associate Director, Ecosystems), Cellular Agriculture Europe (Robert E. Jones, President), Automata (Geoff Dance, Field Application Specialist) and Nourish Ingredients (James Petrie, CEO & Co-Founder). The detailed list of presentations, which will be progressively updated in the coming weeks, is available online now.

The Future of Protein Production Summit is kindly supported by the following sponsors and partners:

• Platinum Sponsors: Pen + Tec Consulting
• Gold Sponsors: Vemag, Clauger
• Silver Sponsors: Automata, Handtmann, Sophie's Bionutrients

The sponsors will be present both in speaking/panel discussion capacities as well as via their online virtual booths and networking lounges.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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