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Primient commits US$700 million investment for sustainable, plant-based future

March 8, 2024

Primient, a company involved in plant-based food and industrial ingredient production, has announced capital investment exceeding US$700 million across the company’s operational footprint. Celebrated at the 'Rooted in Renewal' event at the company’s iconic A.E. Staley era 'castle in the cornfields' administration building, the comprehensive five-year phased investment sets a new industry standard – reflecting Primient’s commitment to its deep corn milling roots, its strong position as a market leader, and a visionary approach toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

Primient’s investment strategy is already working to drive purposeful modernization in critical production assets and processes, ensuring the highest quality, most reliable production for decades to come.

“The scale of investments – particularly in the Decatur operations – is unmatched in our industry and clearly signals our ambition to be the partner of choice now and for the future,” stated Jim Stutelberg, CEO, Primient.

While upgrading Primient’s Decatur site is key to unlocking potential across the business, significant planned investments extend to Primient’s wet-milling operations in Lafayette, Indiana and Loudon, Tennessee, where operational and infrastructure upgrades are already working to deliver material step changes in essential unit operations such as refining and drying.

In addition to the milestone investment, Primient is continuing to set itself apart in the corn wet-milling industry as the only corn wet miller to completely phase out coal and transition to more sustainable energy sources across all facilities. These strides are primary differentiators as the company builds to win across the opportunities of the bioeconomy.

As part of the expansion, the company received an Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) tax credit which provides the company an incentive for job creation in Decatur.

Joining the event were elected officials and industry leaders, collectively demonstrating widespread support for Primient’s vision and growth. “I couldn’t be prouder to join Primient leadership as they announce a historic US$400 million capital investment in their Decatur site,” commented Governor JB Pritzker. “This doesn’t just secure Primient’s status as a market leader – it speaks to their commitment to serve as a true community partner. And on every measure, it is our shared goals – from advancing environmental sustainability to promoting economic development– that bind us together. On behalf of the State of Illinois, we couldn’t be more excited to see all that Primient achieves over the coming years.”

Echoing the sentiments of state and company leadership, Decatur Mayor Julie Wolfe Moore added, “Primient’s investment in its Decatur operations reinforces the company’s long-standing position as a community leader and signifies strong confidence in our shared future. We are proud to partner with them as they lay the foundation for the next generation, ensuring that Decatur is ready to step into the potential of the bioeconomy.”

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