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Profuse Technology and Gelatex Technologies announce big advances in cultivated meat production

December 6, 2023

Profuse Technology and Gelatex Technologies have announced substantial progress in cultivated meat production resulting from their collaborative efforts. This partnership has yielded significant improvements in the growth of chicken muscle tissue, facilitated by the utilization of Profuse's media supplement and Gelatex's edible scaffolds.

This joint initiative has effectively showcased the potential of both Profuse's media supplement and Gelatex's edible, plant-based scaffolds, which facilitate efficient muscle differentiation, fusion, and maturation. The outcome is muscle tissue's growth cycle shortened to just 48 hours and a five-fold increase in muscle protein content compared to conventional muscle growth methods.

These achievements offer great promise to the cultivated meat industry by delivering cost efficiencies, scalability, and enhanced nutritional value.

"By innovating through collaboration, we are assisting to reshape the future of meat production," commented Guy Nevo Michrowski, CEO of Profuse Technologies. "Together, Profuse and Gelatex have taken the cultivated meat industry another step towards sustainable and scalable cultivated meat production.”

"The unique properties of our halospun scaffolds, combined with Profuse's specialized media supplements, can significantly accelerate the path to commercial viability for cultivated meat," added Märt-Erik Martens, the CEO of Gelatex Technologies.

Gelatex and Profuse now offer cultivated meat producers a comprehensive solution for optimizing muscle growth. The comprehensive solution includes a full suite of Gelatex’s halospun nanofiber scaffolds, as well as detailed protocols on their integration with Profuse's media supplements for optimal muscle growth.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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