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Protein Industries Canada launches project to expand the growth and adoption of lupin in Canada

May 27, 2024

Protein Industries Canada announced a new project with Lupin Platform, PURIS Holdings and YOSO Canada to expand the Canadian lupin ecosystem by increasing opportunities for farmers and ingredient processors and bringing new plant-based protein products to market. The project will support adoption of lupin in Canada, including helping farmer adoption through improved agronomy, increasing ingredient processors’ access to alternative feedstocks, and supplying consumers and manufacturers with new plant-based protein sources.

“This Protein Industries Cluster project, led by Lupin Platform and its partners, will drive new opportunities for Canadians and bring more plant-based food options to market,” stated François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science & Industry. “This project will not only boost Canada’s economic advantage and foster strong supply chains but also has potential for meaningfully impacting Canada’s food landscape for generations to come.”

Lupin Platform and PURIS will build off their work from a previous Protein Industries Canada supported project, bringing in their new partner, YOSO, to collectively elevate the profile, utilization and distribution of Canadian-grown lupin and associated products. Together, they will develop, scale-up and improve new and existing CPG products and ingredients, including plant-based egg and dairy products, flour and flour-based bakery mixes, and a B2B ready-to-mix powder.

“De-risking innovation is crucial to fostering a more dynamic marketplace for growers, processors and manufacturers alike. Investments into this type of platform technology will help Canada reach our goal of a CA$25 billion ingredient processing and food manufacturing sector,” said Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada.

The project will see CA$6.2 million co-invested into the expansion of the lupin value chain to establish the crop as a viable and economically sound choice for Canadian farmers, optimized processes for cleaning, dehulling and milling of lupin, and into the development, scale-up and improvement of new ingredient and CPG products. Protein Industries Canada will invest CA$2.6 million, with the partners investing the remainder.

“I am thrilled to embark on the second round of the Protein Industries Canada project,” added Tristan Choi, CEO of Lupin Platform Inc. “Reflecting on the triumphs of our earlier milestones, we are poised to advance even further, enhancing agronomic practices for farmers and broadening the scope of lupin ingredient characterization for consumers. This journey with lupin isn't merely about discovering new flavors; it represents a commitment to sustainability, nutrition and versatility. By integrating lupin into our diets, we are embracing an ingredient with the power to transform the way we think about food.“

”PURIS is committed to a more sustainable food system. Through our consumer branded AcreMade products, we are developing egg alternatives that harness the power of plants. By combining pea protein and lupin flour we are creating products that have all the function of hen eggs but with the added benefits of being cholesterol free, non-GMO, top nine allergen free and great tasting, all while supporting a more sustainable food system that's powered by plants,” commented Jake Achterhoff, Executive Director of AcreMade.

“As a Canadian family business pioneering plant-based cultured foods and beverages, my team and I are excited about developing the next generation of plant-based cultured foods using Canadian-grown lupin,” said Erik Lo, Chief Technical Officer of YOSO.

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