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Rebellyous Foods raises US$9.5 million equity round

February 6, 2023

Food manufacturing technology company, Rebellyous Foods, has announced that it has raised a US$9.5 million equity round to build its novel production technology.

Led by former aerospace engineer, Christie Lagally, Rebellyous Foods has developed patented technology that unlocks production at cost-parity to animal-based chicken. Rebellyous will use the significant investment to deploy its breakthrough equipment and continue on its mission to grow accessibility and availability of plant-based meat through tech-backed solutions.

“During a tough economic slump, we are thrilled by this testament to investors’ belief in Rebellyous and in price parity as a solution to sustained growth of plant-based meat in the marketplace,” commented Lagally, Founder & CEO. “The world is in desperate need of viable solutions to animal agriculture, and we are delighted we are one step closer to delicious, affordable plant-based meat for all.”

"Rebellyous is the only company making meaningful strides towards price parity,” added Mike Miller, Board Member & Partner at Liquid 2 Capital. “The plant-based meat industry has shown us that the status quo isn't cutting it... and it takes a new style of thinking to look beyond food chemistry to manufacturing.”

Plant-based chicken is the second-fastest growing category of the plant-based meat sector and poised for remarkable segment growth. Rebellyous’ products are currently in more than 1,000 retail locations and more than 100 school districts across the USA.

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