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Redefine Meat adds record number of restaurants this Veganuary across Europe

February 1, 2023

Redefine Meat, the company behind ‘New-meat’, has dished up a record Veganuary with more than 70 new customers onboarded across the UK, Netherlands and Germany. These include everyday diners to steakhouses and fine-dining establishments, all seeking to transform their menus with high-quality New-meat. Exciting new customers include The Breakfast Club chain and Meraki in the UK, Boterlap, Koks gemert, Wildschut, Café Luxembourgh and Shakshuk in the Netherlands, and Mundfein and The ASH in Germany.

This follows what has been a year of major business and product expansion, which has seen the New-meat embraced across European food services – from large restaurant chains and hotels, to catering and company canteens. The company launched commercially in six new European markets (UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria and Finland), and signed a major deal with Europe’s leading importer of high-end meat, Giraudi Meats, to expand in a plethora of new countries in 2023. Redefine Meat also recently opened a new large-scale factory in the Netherlands providing the capacity to support the aggressive expansion of New-meat in both new and existing markets.

And to cap it off, the company commercially launched the most diverse range of New-meat products to date with no less than 16 new New-meat products. These include four breakthrough premium cuts – Tenderloin, Striploin, Beef and Lamb Flank, a new Pulled Meats range comprising Beef, Lamb, and Pork, as well as several minced products including the New-meat burger, bratwurst sausage, and lamb kebab.

In the Netherlands, Redefine Meat kicked off Veganuary in the Netherlands by winning the prestigious Horecava Innovation Award – the gold standard of the Dutch food service industry – for its breakthrough Beef Flank premium cut. The company also onboarded an abundance of new restaurants including Boterlap, Koks gemert, Wildschut, Luxembourgh and Shakshuk, while also commercially-launching Redefine Pulled Beef, Pulled Pork, and Redefine Bratwurst within the Dutch market.

In Germany, Redefine Meat has witnessed unprecedented demand for New-meat from chefs, restaurants, and diners in Germany. Today, hundreds of restaurants nationwide are serving the company's New-meat with accelerated growth during Veganuary. Special initiatives in Germany this month include renowned vegan-friendly chain, Mundfein, launching its first Redefine Meat Pizza, ‘Heinrich’, across all 40 of its locations nationwide featuring delicious plant-based meatballs created from the Redefine Meat lamb kebab mix.

Building upon its partnerships with Germany’s largest food wholesalers to the hospitality industry, Redefine Meat today announces its first logistics partner for food services, Dewender, further bolstering its supply chain. Dewender, a well-established warehousing, logistics and distribution family business, will distribute New-meat from Redefine Meat’s large-scale factory in the Netherlands to Redefine Meat’s food wholesaler network across Germany. Dewender has supplied specialist food and non-food items to hundreds of thousands of locations nationwide for the past 85 years – from canteen kitchens to hospitals to youth hostels – making them the ideal partner.

And in the UK, renowned London restaurant chain The Breakfast Club has partnered with Redefine Meat to transform its menu options at all its locations starting this month. Redefine Meat is also collaborating with The Breakfast Club on Berwick Street as part of its exclusive 100% veggie and vegan month for Veganuary. Two new Veganuary specials launched across all sites – The Works: a veggie and vegan fry-up, and a Posh Sausage Sandwich: made with Redefine Meat Bratwurst Sausage. While the Redefine Burger is available as the new plant-based Cheeseburger.

Also in the UK this month, Redefine Meat’s newly launched Tenderloin premium cut was added to four more London menus including Meraki, Chotto Matte and Powerplant.

“We’ve come an incredible way since last Veganuary when New-meat debuted on the first menu in Europe," said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, who featured in the January/February 2023 edition of Protein Production Technology International. "Fast forward 12 months, Redefine Meat is in thousands of locations globally and brought to market 16 new product innovations – including four premium cuts previously considered impossible. The uptake of New-meat has been phenomenal, and this Veganuary we celebrate a new era of no compromise meat-eating that meets the needs of meat lovers, vegetarians, flexitarians and vegans alike. We’re extremely excited to see what 2023 brings, as we ramp up production with our new large-scale factory in the Netherlands to support our ambitious expansion across Europe.”

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