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Redefine Meat announces strategic partnership with meat importer Giraudi Meats

October 17, 2022

New-Meat pioneer Redefine Meat has announced a major strategic collaboration with Europe's largest importer of high-end meat and restauranteur, Giraudi Meats – marking a historic milestone for the company as part of its aggressive expansion plans in Europe. With a presence in more than 30 countries and a distribution network in hospitality comprising over 300 meat distributors and wholesalers, Giraudi Meats will drive the rapid expansion of New-Meat across European food services – starting with France immediately, followed by Italy, Greece and Sweden later this year, and dozens more countries to follow.

Known for selling exclusive high-end meat to Europe's food services sector, Giraudi Meats will distribute New-Meat to its existing customer base, as well as prospecting new customers to sell Redefine Meat products. Giraudi Meats will distribute Redefine Meat's New-Meat portfolio spanning beef, lamb and pork – from minced meat products to the company's acclaimed premium cuts. In addition, Giraudi Meats will also add New-Meat products on the menus of their chain of Beefbar restaurants across Europe. Endorsed by world-leading chefs, New-Meat achieves what was previously considered impossible in the culinary world: plant-based products with a level of quality suitable for high-end chefs and butchers.

"Working intimately with the European food services industry, we're seeing fast growing demand for more flexitarian products to satisfy the needs of meat-lovers," said Riccardo Giraudi, CEO of Giraudi Group. "We've been searching for a high-quality meat alternative to add to our high-end meat portfolio to address this growing market, and I have to say that New-Meat is in a category of its own. We believe that with this level of quality, combined with the product versatility across beef, lamb and pork, New-Meat will enable us to drive significant new revenue streams in the high-end meat market."

"The synergies between Redefine Meat and Giraudi Meats lays in our love and passion for meat, and the uncompromising shared vision to serve the world only top-quality meat," added Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO & Co-Founder of Redefine Meat. "Having such a prestige meat importer as Giraudi Meats – working with the best chefs and butchers all over Europe – integrate our New-Meat into its portfolio of exclusive high-end meat alongside the likes of Angus and Kobe beef, exemplifies why New-Meat is defining a new category of high-end product in the meat industry. Giraudi Meats' proven track record of creating new categories in the European meat market and its ability to continuously change and innovate makes it a great partnership, which will significantly accelerate the proliferation of New-Meat across Europe."

In less than 12 months since commercially launching in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Israel, today almost 1,000 food service locations are serving New-Meat. These include everything from Michelin-starred fine-dining and fast-casual premium venues to steakhouses and hotel chains – many of whom have never had plant-based products on their menu. By combining a true love of meat with materials science and breakthrough technologies including additive manufacturing, AI and machine learning, Redefine Meat has achieved a level of quality with plant-based meat endorsed by leading butchers and chefs across Europe and Israel.

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