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Redefine Meat enters UK retail with Ocado

November 27, 2023

Redefine Meat, the plant-based meat alternative brand that has been endorsed by Michelin-star chefs, is moving into the UK retail market via a listing with Ocado.

Currently served at over 4,000 food-service locations globally, the move into retail follows growing consumer demand for cook-at-home meat alternatives.

From this week, Ocado will stock six of the Redefine’s frozen products – Pulled Pork; Pulled Beef; Bratwurst; Lamb Kofta Mix; Burgers and Beef Mince – with prices ranging from £4.00-4.50 (US$5.05-5.68) per pack.

Each product is claimed to provide the same taste and texture as high-quality animal meat using plant-based, sustainably-sourced ingredients, with no cholesterol or GMOs.

“This first step into UK retail is part of our worldwide ambition to get as many people as possible eating our delicious plant-based meat that is kind to the planet and to animals," said Simon Owen, UK Managing Director of Redefine Meat. "To achieve this, we have overcome the two biggest inherent barriers to the mainstream adoption of plant-based meat: product quality and versatility. Following our success in the hospitality market by penetrating the highest levels of the culinary world, we believe we can also disrupt the retail sector in a big way. Key to achieving this are the right partners, such as Ocado who stand for premium quality and can deliver to consumers nationwide.

“Our second phase, in-store retail launch within supermarkets will come next year with the development of a brand-new chilled products range. Relentless ambition, innovation and perfectionism is why we’re bucking the market by continuing to grow – why foodservice customers keep re-ordering, and why we receive hundreds of messages every week from consumers asking where they can buy new-meat so they can also enjoy it home – now they can with Ocado.”

“We’re pleased to be the first retailer in the UK to sell Redefine Meat to offer consumers new versatility and innovation in plant-based meat products," added Olivia Small, Buying Manager at Ocado. "With one of our key missions being to offer our consumers ‘unbeatable choice’, this range was a natural fit with our unrivalled range of premium products.”

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