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Revo's vegan salmon filet becomes first 3D-printed product available in supermarkets

September 12, 2023

Great news from Austrian food-tech startup, Revo Foods, which has announced that it is launching its 3D printed vegan salmon filet, 'THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon', in the REWE supermarket chain. The mycoprotein-based filet becomes the world's first 3D printed food available in supermarkets, an important milestone for 3D food printing technology. What does that mean for the future of 3D food printing? It means that the technology is now ready to scale to industrial volumes, and many more 3D printed foods can be expected in the near future.

A new extrusion technology revealed by Revo Foods allows the seamless integration of fats into a fibrous protein matrix – leading to a new generation of authentic seafood alternatives, with the typical 'flakiness' and juicy fibers of fish filets. Utilizing its patent-pending 3D-MassFormer technology, Revo Foods has developed the first-ever continuous production process capable of mass-producing 3D-printed food.

“With the milestone of industrial-scale 3D food printing, we are entering a creative food revolution, an era where food is being crafted exactly according to the customer needs. We are not just creating a vegan alternative –we are shaping the future of food itself,” commented Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods.

This new process is a game-changer for meat alternatives, making it possible to create a new category of authentic products such as vegan steaks and filets.

The main ingredient is mycoprotein created from filamentous fungi, which has excellent nutritional values and a natural meat-like texture. THE FILET also has a nutriscore rating of 'A', due to high protein and Omega-3 content.

Mycoprotein has only minimal processing requirements and needs fewer resources (water, emissions) in its production compared to conventional fish production, making it significantly more environmentally friendly.  

The mycoprotein ingredient is the result of a co-development between Revo Foods and the Swedish startup Mycorena, in which Mycorena's 'Promyc' protein base was engineered specifically for 3D printing purposes. This development was supported with €1.5 million of European funding.

The initial launch partner for THE FILET on 14 September is REWE/BILLA, one of the biggest European retailers. Customers across Europe can also order THE FILET at Revo Foods online shop from 1 October at the company's website

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