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Roquette debuts fava bean protein isolate with 90% protein power

June 3, 2024

Roquette has announced the launch of NUTRALYS Fava S900M fava bean protein isolate in Europe and North America – the latest addition and first protein isolate derived from fava bean in Roquette’s NUTRALYS plant protein range. Delivering 90% protein content across various applications, including meat substitutes, non-dairy alternatives and baked goods, NUTRALYS Fava S900M also offers a clean taste, light color and functional excellence.

The ingredient has been developed to broaden the spectrum of alternative protein options available to food manufacturers and meet demand for sustainable, nutritious, and indulgent plant-based foods. Its high protein concentration allows for low usage ratios, making it an attractive option for food brands looking to optimize formulations and cost-in-use. Simply and seamlessly incorporated into formulations, NUTRALYS Fava S900M represents an opportunity to explore new markets with confidence and expand high-protein plant-based product portfolios.

"Part of the pulse family, fava beans have long been valued for their properties in textured applications, but in recent years, the focus has shifted to its ability to deliver high protein levels and leverage sensory attributes. Through extensive research and development, we have been able to unlock the immense potential of fava beans in protein fortification," commented Romain Joly, Global Head of Proteins Business Line at Roquette.

"The launch of NUTRALYS Fava S900M marks a significant milestone in the advancement of our range of alternative protein solutions, building on Roquette’s reputation and expertise for offering a compelling blend of sustainability, functionality and taste, while simultaneously setting a new plant protein standard.”

As well as its exceptionally high protein content, NUTRALYS Fava S900M stands out from other alternative proteins for its superior functionality and versatility. Boasting high gel strength, viscosity control and stability under varying conditions, the ingredient provides formulation flexibility – ideally suited for non-dairy products, such as ready-to-drink beverages and yogurt, and meat substitutes, including chicken or fish alternatives.

Additionally, its neutral taste and light color make it the perfect base for creating palate-pleasing products, giving manufacturers endless possibilities for flavor development, without compromising aesthetics. Data from evaluations carried out by Roquette’s sensory expert panel validates its improved overall flavor and reduced bitterness compared to other available fava bean protein isolates, enabling brands to deliver an enhanced eating experience.

Beyond its favorable technical and sensory attributes, NUTRALYS Fava S900M offers compelling sustainability and supply chain advantages too. Part of the pulse family, fava beans are considered a sustainable raw material, which present significant agronomic advantages like those of peas. This includes a natural nitrogen-fixing capacity in soil, which allows farmers to grow fava beans without the aid of nitrogen fertilizers. In addition, Roquette’s fava beans are locally sourced and manufactured at its production plant in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, making NUTRALYS Fava S900M a strategic option for food manufacturers looking to diversify, while also meeting sustainability goals.

"At Roquette, we're committed to the continuous advancement of sustainability and innovation," added Benjamin Voiry, Marketing – Plant Proteins at Roquette. "With NUTRALYS Fava S900M, we're not just introducing a new ingredient; we're offering a solution that addresses the evolving needs of the industry while prioritizing environmental responsibility."

“NUTRALYS Fava S900M represents a step forward in plant-based food formulation”, Voiry continued. “Its nutritional, functional and sensory superiority positions it as the ingredient of choice for customers striving to innovate and differentiate in an increasingly competitive plant-based market landscape.”

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