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Roquette launches new rice protein

Plant-based ingredients plant proteins pioneer, Roquette, has launched two rice proteins, a move that adds a new botanical origin to its current portfolio.

With NUTRALYS rice protein, Roquette offers consumers a familiar, safe and nutritious alternative protein with premium quality and high standards of production.

Rice protein is popular among nutritional applications such as special diet foods, sports nutrition or snacks. Product launches with rice protein rose at 20% CAGR over 2017-2021, according to Innova Market Insights. A strong growth is also foreseen for dairy (+38% CAGR over 2019-2021) and meat alternative applications (+122% CAGR over 2019-2021) as rice is a well-known, familiar ingredient for savory foods and desserts.

NUTRALYS rice protein offers a non-GM, gluten-free and tasty plant-protein source, to associate with NUTRALYS pea protein for a complete vegetarian protein supplementation.

A survey conducted by Innova in 2020 shows that rice is the second-preferred protein alternative for consumers. The new NUTRALYS rice protein range, composed of a rice protein isolate and a rice protein concentrate, will be first available in North America and in Europe. Roquette helps customers win over new consumers looking for a broader range of appealing and well-known plant proteins.

With a fine particle size that contributes to smooth and soft texture, and an appealing light cream color, rice protein benefits from a good dispersibility and flowability. This allows great applications in fields such as specialized nutrition, especially in combination with other plant proteins such as pea protein.

“There is an unstoppable food revolution underway that is changing how people eat," commented Jeremy Burks, Senior Vice President of Plant Proteins at Roquette. "In the USA or in Europe, consumers are asking for better plant-based protein that tastes great while being nutritious and safe. Building on our more than 40 years of expertise in plant proteins, today we offer a new rice protein to stay at the forefront of this shift and to keep building the plant-based cuisine of the future! At Roquette, we aim to be the best partner for all our customers and all food lovers.”

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