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Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering partners with Livin Farms to revolutionize sustainable insect farming

May 25, 2023

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering, a company producing innovative separation solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Livin Farms, an esteemed Austrian company specializing in sustainable insect farming. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the insect-based protein industry by implementing high-tech solutions.

Livin Farms is at the forefront of developing sustainable solutions for animal feed, with a particular focus on black soldier flies. These remarkable insects offer numerous benefits, including their high protein content, efficient conversion of organic waste, and low environmental impact. By harnessing their potential, Livin Farms is transforming the way we address food security and sustainable agriculture.

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering recently conducted a successful test at its factory in Venlo, where they showcased their Rotoshifter technology to Livin Farms. The Rotoshifter sets a new standard in larvae separation with its innovative technology, merging two established separation methods into a single solution. This cutting-edge system effectively separates larvae from frass, ensuring excellent purity levels. Extensive testing has demonstrated that the Rotoshifter achieves an impressive purity level of up to 97.5% for clean Black Soldier Fly Larvae. With its exceptional performance, this technology revolutionizes the insect farming industry, enabling producers to deliver high-quality larvae for various applications, including animal feed and sustainable agriculture.

The partnership between Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering and Livin Farms marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainable insect farming practices. By integrating the Rotoshifter technology into Livin Farms' operations, they will enhance their ability to scale production, increase efficiency, and maintain the highest quality standards. This collaboration will empower Livin Farms to meet the growing demand for sustainable animal feed solutions while reducing reliance on traditional protein sources.

"We are thrilled to partner with Livin Farms," stated Jeroen Kusters, Director of Sales at Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering. "Their dedication to sustainable insect farming aligns perfectly with our mission to develop state-of-the-art technologies to contribute to a more sustainable and efficient food system. Together, we will drive positive change and create a more sustainable future."

Both Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering and Livin Farms are committed to stimulate innovation and ecological conservation. This partnership represents a crucial step towards establishing sustainable insect farming as a mainstream solution for addressing global food challenges.

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