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Sensus America adds Tendra fava protein to portfolio

February 24, 2023

Sensus America, part of the Royal Cosun business unit Sensus and a US supplier of innovative chicory root fiber ingredients, has announced a new addition to its North American plant-based portfolio, Tendra Fava Protein Isolate. Sensus America will have exclusive distribution of this ingredient that is produced by its sister company Cosun Protein to the North American market.

Tendra is a functional plant-based protein made from fava beans. The ingredient offers high protein content with a neutral taste profile, high solubility, and exceptional emulsification properties. Food manufacturers now have a way to create delicious plant-based products with creamy textures. This protein is especially ideal for plant-based, dairy alternative categories where taste and texture have underperformed.

“We are excited to bring this product to our North American customers," stated Ken Horn, President & General Manager of Sensus America Inc. "Tendra solves very real challenges for these manufacturers when it comes to taste and texture especially for plant-based dairy products.”

The demand for plant-based foods has gone mainstream. No longer considered niche, plant-based food and beverage products appeal to a wide range of consumers that are looking for healthier and more sustainable options. According to Bloomberg market research, the global plant-based market is expected to grow from US$30 billion US$160 billion by 2030. However, the key to unlocking this growth will be the manufacturer’s ability to deliver plant-based alternatives that do not compromise on taste and have positive nutritional profiles.

Another benefit of Tendra is that it provides customers with a highly sustainable ingredient. Tendra is produced from fava beans with the highest environmental and quality standards. It is grown locally in Europe and naturally has a very low CO2 and water-use footprint.

“Sustainably unlocking the full potential of plants into valuable plant solutions is incredibly important to us,” added Thijs Bosch, Director of Cosun Protein.

This new business unit within the Royal Cosun Group was created to develop a new generation of plant proteins that help customers achieve breakthrough functionality and taste. “The launch of Tendra really showcases our capabilities with its superior taste, texture, and sustainable profile for dairy alternative products,” expressed Bosch.

Early introductions with customers have been positive. Horn concluded, “The feedback from our customers has been great. Tendra is a terrific addition to our strong lineup of plant-based products. The combination of our portfolio of prebiotic and texturizing fibers from chicory with Tendra is fully synergistic with the needs of our customers’ key applications. They really value its ability to dissolve well and create a smooth, creamy texture without any aftertaste.” Its non-GMO, allergen free, and gluten-free labeling further complement its performance as a plant-based protein.

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