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Shiru launches protein-based alternative fat ingredient

March 14, 2023

Shiru, an AI-powered discovery and development company for novel ingredients, has launched OleoPro, its first product. The ingredient will be publicly showcased next week in San Francisco as part of a plant-based crispy 'chik’n karaage' developed by Nourish Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Griffith Foods.

OleoPro is a novel, plant protein-based fat ingredient for use in a range of alternative protein food products. Combining plant proteins and unsaturated plant-based oil, it is a high-performance, sustainable, and nutritious alternative fat ingredient. It enables a 90% reduction in saturated fat while enhancing technical performance in alternative meats when compared to commonly used, environmentally-taxing structured fats. OleoPro is self-standing, holding its shape at room temperature, browns when cooked, and delivers a juicy, fatty mouth-feel in plant-based meat applications.

“At Shiru, we think consumers shouldn’t have to compromise on taste or texture to make sustainable, nutritious food choices, and we know novel ingredients are crucial to unlocking the next generation of plant-based foods,” said Dr Jasmin Hume. Shiru’s Founder & CEO. “Oils commonly used in plant-based meats today like palm and coconut are disastrous for the environment and aren’t great from a health perspective either. OleoPro is a categorical upgrade, bringing all the juiciness and fattiness we expect from conventional meats to plant-based, but with a much improved nutritional profile and without tearing down the rainforest.”

Industry feedback, including from leading alternative protein company UPSIDE Foods, has been strong. “Our testing revealed OleoPro to be a promising fat solution for alt meats, demonstrating superior performance in approximating beef fat compared to a range of plant-based fat systems in the market,” commented Daniel Davila, Senior Food Scientist at UPSIDE.

OleoPro is patent-pending, and comes from Shiru’s proprietary technology platform, Flourish, which leverages AI to generate unique plant protein insights. Flourish uncovered highly functional proteins that, when combined with more sustainable oils through a novel process, create an ingredient that looks and behaves like traditional animal fat.

​​“We're thrilled to be partnering with Shiru on the launch of their first ingredient, OleoPro," said Simon Burton, Managing Director of Nourish Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Griffith Foods. "At Nourish Ventures, we understand food formulation, and recognize the historical challenges associated with delivering a true, fat-like experience for alternative proteins. OleoPro is a real game-changer, and we’re excited by its potential to impact the alternative protein industry.”

While initial development has focused on plant-based meat applications across multiple formats, Shiru is exploring additional applications, including plant-based dairy and personal care products.

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