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Steakholder Foods and Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute announce strategic partnership

May 20, 2024

Steakholder Foods has announced a partnership agreement with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a Taiwan-based world-leading applied technology research institute. The purpose of the partnership is to develop and commercialize a range of food products utilizing Steakholder Foods' advanced 3D printing technology and plant-based premixes tailored specifically for the Taiwanese cuisine.

Under this agreement, Steakholder Foods, in collaboration with ITRI, will develop commercial high-quality, plant-based meat alternatives that empower Taiwan to independently produce meat substitutes. These products will not only aim to be superior in texture and flavor, but will also be tailored to meet local palate preferences. By leveraging Steakholder Foods' cutting-edge technology, this collaboration aims to help reduce Taiwan's dependence on traditional meat supply chains, fostering greater food diversity and sustainability across the region.

To accelerate expansion across Taiwan, this partnership will focus on commercializing Steakholder Foods' products through collaborations with leading food companies in Taiwan. A key part of this strategy will involve the sale of Steakholder Foods' commercial-scale 3D printer and premixes to commercial partners.

"This partnership with ITRI represents a significant step forward in our mission to create sustainable, innovative food solutions," said Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods. "By combining our advanced 3D printing technology with ITRI's extensive research capabilities, we now have the ability to deliver a range of delicious plant-based food options that will help significantly reduce environmental footprint across Taiwan."

"We chose ITRI as our collaborator because of their cutting-edge food technologies and expertise in material science, combined with their deep understanding of the Taiwanese market," added Yair Ayalon, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Steakholder Foods. "By uniting our pioneering 3D printing technology with ITRI's invaluable regional consumer insights and local operations, we are uniquely positioned to introduce alternative meat as a sustainable and locally sourced protein option for Taiwan's consumers. This powerful combination of strengths will allow us to efficiently commercialize and scale these alternatives through collaborations with leading local food companies. It was a real pleasure to see Israeli and Taiwanese scientists collaborating effectively, enhancing the synergy between our teams."

Shih-Chi Lee, Deputy General Director of ITRI Central Region Campus, added, "Aligning with Steakholder Foods allows us to extend the boundaries of food technology and sustainability in entirely new ways. Our collaborative efforts will pave the way for exciting advancements in Taiwan's food industry, expanding our portfolio with new food products and categories, and ultimately contributing to solving food security and creating a healthier planet."

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