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Steakholder Foods launches 3D modeling software for use by clients

September 6, 2023

Steakholder Foods, a global leader in 3D bio-printing technologies, has announced the launch of its proprietary Light CAD Editor. This cutting-edge software offers a user-friendly interface that works seamlessly with the company's fusion printers, enabling clients to create, test and optimize 3D models and fibrous textures for Steakholder Foods' 3D bioprinters, without the need for third-party software or extensive computer-aided design (CAD) training.

As such, the Light CAD editor is a game-changer for Steakholder Foods' fusion printers, which are known for their capability to create highly sophisticated, textured end products. The ability to customize textures onsite will empower clients to fine-tune their end products, ensuring they meet or exceed industry standards and consumer expectations.

Steakholder Foods is pushing the boundaries at the forefront of creating products that mimic the texture, taste, and appearance of traditional meat and fish. With the introduction of the Light CAD Editor, the company is adding another layer of sophistication to its fusion printers, allowing users to produce customized structures with textures that are unprecedented in their similarity to natural fibrous structures.

"We know from experience that designing the best 3D-printed meat products involves a lot of trial and error, and that our customers need the tools to optimize their offerings," commented Steakholder Foods' Chief Engineering Officer, Itamar Atzmony. "That's why we're not just offering 3D printing; we're offering a comprehensive solution that allows our clients to customize like never before. As we move closer to commercial-scale production, this software will undoubtedly become an invaluable asset in creating products that truly meet consumer demands."

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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