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Sukiya expands UNLIMEAT plant-based meat menu items to all restaurants in China

October 2, 2022

UNLIMEAT has announced that Sukiya, the global restaurant chain specializing in Japanese Gyudon, has launched the Plant Energy Don Series nationwide at all of its restaurants in China. It's been nine months since Sukiya first introduced its first plant-based gyudon menu items incorporating UNLIMEAT plant-based meat at 15 of their restaurants.

The menu items are now being offered at 450 Sukiya stores in China since 15 September thanks to their popularity. The Energy Don Series includes four menu items. First is the Plant Energy Don, which is a tenderly cooked UNLIMEAT plant-based meat mixed with onions and topped with a sweet and savory umami sauce. Next up is the Cheese Plant Energy Don, made using three to four varieties of creamy cheeses combined with UNLIMEAT plant-based meat. The Tomato Plant Energy Don is a tasty, balanced flavor created with fresh tomato sauce and plant-based meat. Lastly, the Green bean Energy Don is served with spicy marinated green beans, making it rich in protein and other essential nutrients.

Each of the four menu items use UNLIMEAT plant-based Korean BBQ, modeled after the beef chuck roll and made of 100% vegan ingredients such as non-GMO textured soy protein, rice protein, cacao powder, and coconut oil. It contains more than 12% upcycled ingredients, such as soybean meal powder created from soybeans pressed for soybean oil and rice bran produced after milling brown rice.

UNLIMEAT, a plant-based protein brand from Korea, states that it is different from other plant-based brands in that it­ was started with the goal of reducing food waste, originally starting as a 'food upcycling' brand. It began by selling juice and beverages using ugly agricultural products that went unsold due to minor cosmetic imperfections. Currently, UNLIMEAT has been focusing on the development of alternative meats while continuing to incorporate upcycling into its production processes. The company is a member of the Upcycled Food Association.

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