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Superbrewed Food sales motivate a search for a larger production site to produce its innovative Postbiotic Cultured Protein

April 12, 2024

Superbrewed Food, a provider of high-quality, sustainable nutrition products, has announced that it has sold its Little Falls, Minnesota facility, and is evaluating alternative sites to retrofit for greater production capacity to address the growing sales of its innovative Postbiotic Cultured Protein.  

The company has had a strong first quarter towards the commercialization of its first-of-kind, Postbiotic Cultured Protein food ingredient. The year started with the allowance of a critical patent that covers the composition and use in foods of bacteria biomass ingredients. This was followed by formalizing a manufacturing partnership with Döhler, which will produce the initial commercial volumes for the US market this year. Then in March, Superbrewed received an FDA greenlight for the use of Postbiotic Cultured Protein in a broad range of food applications.

Superbrewed has now announced that it has booked sales into 2027 that will exceed the capacity of its manufacturing partnership, which supports the company’s plans to retrofit an existing bioprocessing site in the US for dedicated, fit-for-purpose production. “These purchase orders represent use in only a few food categories in the USA," said Julie Post-Smith, Chief of Commercial. "Meanwhile, we are developing a funnel of customers across many additional food applications in expanding geographies like Europe, where regulatory consideration is quickly advancing." Accordingly, the company decided to seek an alternative site in the US that could be converted to produce larger volumes than the Little Falls retrofit could support.  

“We are pleased with the reception of Postbiotic Cultured Protein by customers with global reach,” added Bryan Tracy, CEO. “Thus, we are evaluating other site options that could support larger and faster production capacity.”

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