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Superbrewed Food secures patent for first-of-its-kind postbiotic protein ingredient

February 1, 2024

Superbrewed Food, a provider of innovative, sustainable nutrition products, has announced that US Patent Application Publication (No. 2023/0320399), for its groundbreaking Postbiotic Protein ingredient, has been allowed. The allowed patent application relates to a 'composition of matter' and provides broad coverage for the production, use and commercialization of bacterial biomass ingredients, with 18 years market exclusivity.

Superbrewed Food’s Postbiotic Protein patent allows key protections, such as coverage of all forms of bacterial-biomass proteins, including natural, non-GMO and GMO organisms that have a protein content of 60% or higher, the minimum amount required to make them useful as a food ingredient. It also includes coverage of all forms of production methods, including aerobic and anaerobic, and all forms of feedstock, including sugar, agricultural waste and CO2. And finally it includes coverage of the use of biomass protein in food products, so that consumer packaged goods companies can purchase and use Superbrewed Postbiotic Protein with confidence.

This milestone is a critical step in Superbrewed Food’s journey and leadership toward commercializing natural and sustainable biomass food ingredients. The patented Postbiotic Protein is animal- and allergen-free, non-GMO, and highly functional such that it can replace or complement animal and plant proteins in many existing and new food formulations. Brand owners in dairy, health and sports nutrition, meat, sauces, confectionery, snacks and bakery products, now have a choice to boost the nutrition in their product renovations. Postbiotic Protein is particularly suited to deliver on consumer demand for foods in the Better for You category, which is growing at 6.5% CAGR, and estimated to top US$1.1 trillion 2027.

“Securing this patent celebrates the tremendous efforts of Superbrewed Food’s innovation team and it represents a true breakthrough in food ingredients,” said Bryan Tracy, CEO & Co-founder of Superbrewed Food. “We are excited to provide unique combinations of benefits and strong IP protection to our customers in the fast-growing and competitive alternative protein market. And most importantly, consumers are soon to have access to a new class of proteins that deliver all aspects of better eating.”

The patent issuance will cap a recent period of steady growth for the company. In 2022, Superbrewed Food secured self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for its postbiotic, cultured protein. Later that year, it began a strategic collaboration with The Bel Group to develop a line of cheese products that incorporate Superbrewed Food’s Postbiotic Protein ingredient. In 2023, Superbrewed Food participated in the UN Climate Conference (COP28), to demonstrate to attendees how using sustainable food production methods can contribute to the fight against climate change. This year, Superbrewed Food will ramp up its commercial-scale production and rapidly expand its product offerings across North America and beyond using existing bio-manufacturing infrastructure to sustainably produce functional and nutritional ingredients, at a reasonable cost.

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