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The Cultivated B champions cellular agriculture at COP28

December 12, 2023

Amid the pressing global challenges of climate change, The Cultivated B (TCB), a provider of cellular agriculture technology, has announced its participation at the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28). TCB is at the forefront, advocating for innovative strategies and sustainable solutions to combat climate change and demonstrating a clear vision that extends beyond COP28.

Addressing the urgency of the situation, TCB's operational ethos is in line with the summit’s goals, embodying a commitment to scalable, sustainable protein production through advanced biotechnology. With meticulously crafted bioreactors, the company ensures energy efficiency and resource optimization and allocation at every step, revolutionizing the entire resource chain and setting a new standard in sustainable practices.

“Our mission at The Cultivated B is to not only optimize cellular agriculture processes but to lead a revolution towards a sustainable future,” commented Dr Hamid Noori, CEO of TCB. “Our participation in COP28 is a testament to our commitment, which is to collaborate with global stakeholders, sharing our vision and innovations and working together to address the critical issue of climate change.”

Cellular agriculture is an important element in the future of nutrition and stands at the heart of TCB’s vision to offer viable alternative protein sources through precision fermentation and plant- and cell-based meats. This approach ensures efficient resource allocation, enhances food quality and safety, increases yields and promotes sustainability through a zero-waste circular economy.

The undeniable correlation between global growth and environmental degradation necessitates a shift in production and consumption patterns. Cellular agriculture presents a beacon of hope, addressing issues of emissions, land usage, animal cruelty and land depletion.

“TCB is fully dedicated to climate action, integrating this commitment into every facet of our business,” added Dr Noori. “At COP28, we are excited to bridge the gap between the potential of cellular agriculture and global stakeholders, fostering an ecosystem of mutual success and sustainable progress.”

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