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The EVERY Company and Grupo Nutresa enter collaboration agreement

October 6, 2023

The EVERY Co and Grupo Nutresa, Colombia's largest CPG food company, have reached an agreement to collaborate and drive innovation-based growth in the alternative meat sector. The plan involves the joint development of pilot and industrial tests featuring EVERY EggWhite in Nutresa's alternative meat product line. The agreement aims to accelerate product development by leveraging EVERY's hyper-functional binding protein, which will enhance taste, texture, and mouthfeel while eliminating the need for eggs.

EVERY’s proteins are nature-equivalent versions of animal proteins made without animals, allowing food manufacturers to avoid the disease risk, commodity price volatility, and environmental footprint associated with traditional animal protein. The agreement complements core R&D initiatives in Nutresa’s cold-cuts business, with an initial focus on replacing conventional egg whites as binding agents in vegetarian products in the Zenú and Pietran brand lines, and supports the company’s strategic pillar of fostering growth through innovation.

EVERY uses its precision fermentation platform to precision-target and make the egg’s highest-performing binding protein. The result is EVERY EggWhite, a hyper-functional protein that is nature-equivalent to the egg’s best binder (conventional eggs have over 100 proteins, each with different functionalities). Nutresa’s formulations will leverage EVERY EggWhite to deliver next-level binding with a performance ingredient that is cage-free, cruelty-free and antibiotic-free. In alternative meat applications, it brings next-level binding and gelation qualities that allow foods to more closely resemble their natural analogs, without the use of animal products or overly processed binding agents.

On the heels of historic price fluctuations in conventional eggs, EVERY is pairing product performance with unprecedented ingredient security, now offering F&B leaders like Nutresa an extraordinary flywheel for the development of next-gen foods at the forefront of consumer tastes, sustainability, and availability.

“At Nutresa, we are thrilled to progress on our goals around creating the best possible products while advancing our needs for secure ingredients without compromise,” commented Oscar Alberto Ochoa González, director of R&D for the meat division at Nutresa. “We expect EVERY’s protein to solve a key need for egg white replacement in our alternative meat formulations, with additional benefits including bringing delicious, high-performing foods to consumers.”

“In collaborating with Nutresa, EVERY is taking a massive step in scaling the future of protein delivery," said Arturo Elizondo, EVERY Co-Founder & CEO. "Working together with one of the world’s leaders in food and beverage shows that our products address key problems for the food industry. I couldn’t be more excited to work with Grupo Nutresa, and show that EVERY will be there to feed the future – without factory-farming animals.”

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