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The Future of Protein Production announces eight brand-new webinars for 2023 series

March 20, 2023

The team behind The Future of Protein Production Summit, Protein Production Technology International magazine, and The Future of Protein Production LIVE! in-person conference and exhibition taking place at RAI Amsterdam on 11/12 October 2023, has announced an exciting free-to-attend webinar program for 2023.

The webinars held in 2022 regularly attracted +500 participants from +45 countries around the world and although the best experience was to attend live and take part in the debate itself, the proceedings were recorded and available on playback to registered delegates.

Following lengthy consultation with the Advisory Boards for the virtual Summit, LIVE! event and the magazine, an agenda has now been created for the remainder of the year that focuses on some critical topics, including scaling, cell lines and growth media, automating production processes, circular proteins, sustainability, advances in bioreactor design, and innovation in ingredients. Details of the first three webinar topics can be found below.

29 March - Technologies To Create a New Wave in Alternative Seafood: Alternative seafood presents its own challenges. In this deep dive webinar, we will examine what the key hurdles are for companies producing alternative seafood from plant-based, fermented or cultivated processes.

26 April - Shaping a Greener Future: Exploring the Sustainable Benefits of Plant-Based Proteins (Sponsored by Ingredion): A major driver of the alternative protein market is the consumers' desire to live and eat more sustainably. A major question hangs over alternative proteins: are they actually a more sustainable option? The answer is not definitive: in some cases it can be but in others it is not so clear. After this webinar, delegates will better understand how to calculate the emissions of a product and the process by which this can be reduced, whether it be ingredient sourcing and selection or production method, as well as to better understand additional sustainable conditions of plant-based proteins.

31 May - Extracting Protein from Waste: In this webinar, we will discuss how waste can become a valuable resource for creating alternative proteins. Many forms of waste can be a useful raw materials from food waste to excess CO2 emissions. We will hear from companies at the forefront of circularity within proteins across a range of disciplines.

In June, the topic will be 'Building Blocks of a Future Food System: Advancing Bioreactor Design and Reducing Costs', in July it will be 'The Road to Scalability: Scale-Up Economics for Cultured Meat', in September it will be 'Genetic Engineering, Biomaterial Design and Sequencing for Growth Media & Cell Lines', in October it will be 'Ingredient Innovation' and in November the focus will switch to 'Automating Production for Plant-Based and Meat-Free Foods'. More detailed synopses will be released nearer the time.

For further information about upcoming webinars and to register free-of-charge to any in the series, please click here

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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