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The Future of Protein Production Summit is back to unveil the latest solutions to scale up and commercialize alternative proteins

January 30, 2023

Future-Proof Group Media, the creator of industry-leading B2B networks focusing on emerging technologies to help companies as they transition to more sustainable practices, is pleased to confirm its final agenda for the upcoming Future of Protein Production Summit, taking place virtually on 21/22/23 February 2023. The world’s biggest online conference for the sector will bring together the entire alternative proteins value chain to debate and discuss the latest solutions to help scale and commercialize sustainable future protein.

Following the success of the inaugural online conference in March 2022, the organizer has worked once again with an Expert Advisory Board to curate a program that spotlights all of the key challenges for the alternative proteins sector. Session themes at the three-day event include ‘Investment’, ‘Consumer & Policy’, ‘Scaling Production’, ‘Ingredients’, ‘Production & Processing Technologies’, ‘Sustainability of Products & Production’ and ‘Supply Chain & Infrastructure’.

According to Sebastian Sbuttoni, Conference Director, more than 300 applications were received to speak at the second event, which sets a record for Future-Proof Group Media. “The interest this year has been extraordinary,” he confirms. “As we are a virtual event, we do not prohibit speakers (or delegates) from participating due to time commitments, travel, budget, availability,” he continues. “And because of that we can handpick from a global pool of speakers and as such we are able to put together the very best agenda in the alternative proteins industry.”

On Day 1 (21 February 2023), standout speakers include keynote Jennifer Stojkovic, author of The Future of Food is Female and Founder of the Vegan Women Summit, Eric Schulze, VP of Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at UPSIDE Foods, which recent received the lauded ‘No Questions Letter’ from the Food and Drug Administration (USA), Diana Rucinschi, EIC Fund Investment Advisor at EISMEA, Louis Magaldi-Charles, Investor at Five Seasons and Leonard Chong, Scientific Fellow at Big Idea Ventures. From a regulatory standpoint, delegates will be eager to hear from Jason Dietz, Senior Policy Analyst (CFSAN Biotechnology Coordinator) from the FDA. “Having UPSIDE Foods and FDA on the same day is a bit of a coup, given the seismic importance of last November’s UPSIDE announcement,” confirms Sbuttoni.

Growing the alternative proteins sector requires a whole lot more than merely developing and successfully marketing new and appetizing products. It is about creating a new industry at a global scale from the ground up, and entirely changing the protein industry’s supply chain, institutions, and infrastructure.

This is addressed on Day 2 (22 February 2023) of the Summit. Companies involved in alternative proteins need to dramatically expand production capacity, so technologies and business models to achieve that will be a focus of attention. Speakers include Tim Geistlinger, Chief Scientific Officer of Perfect Day, Dr Michael Betz, Head of Food Technology & Industry Sector Management at Handtmann, Geoff Bryant, CTO of Calysta, Ryan Kromhaut, Manager Global Industry Division F&B at Krohne, Po Bronson, General Partner at Indie Bio, and Peter Rowe, CEO & Co-founder of Deep Branch.

Day 3 (23 February 2023) doesn’t drop in quality, Sbuttoni points out, with speakers from Aleph Farms (Kevin Benmoussa, EVP & CFO), Gourmey (Nicolas Morin-Forest, CEO), McDonald’s (Joanna Lepore, Global Director Foresight & Exploration), ProVeg Incubator (Divya Murthy, Senior Investment Manager), Cellular Agriculture Europe (Robert E. Jones, President) and GAIA (Simcha Nyssen, Project Manager).

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