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The Kraft Heinz Not Company introduces KD NotMacandCheese: the first plant-based offering from KD

March 12, 2024

The Kraft Heinz Not Company has launched KD NotMacandCheese, the first plant-based KD offering. This marks the first Canadian brand to launch a product out of the joint venture between The Kraft Heinz Company and TheNotCompany, Inc, which aims to create mouthwatering, plant-based foods for all.

More than half of Canadians follow a plant-based lifestyle or are looking to add more plant-based offerings to their diets. Yet consumers’ continued disappointment in the taste of current offerings remain the biggest challenges for brands operating in the plant-based food market. As Canada’s original mac n’ cheese, KD is positioned to disrupt the category and address consumers’ plant-based preferences with a product that offers fans the creamy and comforting taste, texture and flavor they have loved for over 85 years, without the cheese. Available in two irresistible variations – Original and White Cheddar Style – KD NotMacandCheese is now rolling out on shelves nationwide.

“More Canadians than ever are looking for easy plant-based alternatives to pantry staples that don’t ask them to give up the foods they love, and they want options from their favorite brands that taste, look, and feel like the originals,” said Lucho Lopez-May, CEO, The Kraft Heinz Not Company. “This is the core mission of The Kraft Heinz Not Company: to bring easy, accessible, and delicious plant-based alternatives from the world’s most beloved brands to the masses. Found in nearly half of all Canadian pantries, KD is Canada’s most iconic mac and cheese brand, and we are excited to leverage its strength alongside NotCo’s revolutionary technology for our first branded Canadian product launch.”

Further, close to 10 million Canadians have shared they are looking for gluten-free food options, with 15,000 devoted KD fans signing a petition to encourage the brand to bring a gluten-free version of the beloved pantry staple to grocery store shelves. Now, KD is answering the call with a delicious option that looks and tastes like the original – without the gluten. KD Gluten-Free is available in Original flavor and is now rolling out on shelves nationwide as well.

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