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Tnuva launches limited edition Vanilla Flavored Oat Drink under new 'Alternative' brand

February 2, 2024

Plant-based milk alternatives have become a prominent category in the refrigerator aisle, ranking as the sixth-largest category. In Israel, these alternatives boast an impressive 50% penetration rate, indicating that every second household opts for a plant-based milk alternative.

In recent times, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of oat-based beverages, constituting 43% of the entire milk alternative category in Israel, according to data from StoreNext. The demand for oat-based drinks witnessed a substantial 29% growth in 2023 when compared to the previous year.

Tnuva Alternative's oat drink has emerged as the top-selling milk alternative in Israel, notably displacing the conventional milk section in the refrigerator. This shift underscores the significant consumer preference for oat-based alternatives in the Israeli market.

Tnuva's latest addition to the alternative milk category is part of the Brista series, featuring a delicate taste and aroma, along with excellent frothing capabilities in coffee. This new beverage joins the lineup of oat-based Alternative options, including the classic oat drink, walnut-flavored oat drink, and the returning limited edition Irish Cream, among others.

Yael Atias, the manager of the business unit at Tnuva's marketing department, notes the steady growth in the plant-based milk substitute market. Oat milk beverages, in particular, have surpassed the popularity of soy milk beverages. Notably, Tnuva Alternative's oat milk holds the distinction of being the highest-selling milk substitute in Israel, securing the twelfth position among all dairy products in the milk fridge – a remarkable achievement for a substitute product. Atias attributes this success to the unique taste of plant-based beverages, which appeal to those avoiding dairy and adhering to kosher dietary preferences. She emphasizes their versatility, easily incorporated into daily consumption, whether in coffee, cereal, or other applications.

The latest offering, an oat milk with vanilla flavor in a one-liter size, is competitively priced within the range of 6.95 (US$1.89) to 15.60 shekels (US$15.60), according to the Pricez website. Consumers can find this product at various food chains and retail outlets across the country, further expanding the accessibility of Tnuva's plant-based beverage options.

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