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Tofurky launches next-generation Plant-Based Deli Slices

May 16, 2024

Tofurky, a manufacturer of plant-based meats in the USA, is unveiling an exciting new product line for food-service customers at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago on 18-21 May 2024: Next Gen Plant-Based Deli Slices. Tofurky is ushering in all new plant-based cold cuts with a meaty recipe that delivers upgraded taste, texture, and visual appeal that emulates whole muscle cuts of animal-based meats. Tofurky's savory Plant-Based Deli Slices will be available in Turk’y and Ham varieties, with 13g of protein per serving, enabling food-service operators to provide a delicious protein-rich option for any sandwich, wrap, panini or melt.  

“Our original Deli Slices have long been one of our most popular product lines, but we’ve been working to recreate our recipes for meat eaters and meat-missers to more broadly serve foodservice operators,” said Jaime Athos, President & CEO. “Based on our legions of existing fans and new consumers we’re bringing into the category, we see an immense opportunity for restaurants and other foodservice customers to capture increased sales with menu options featuring our new slices.”

Tofurky’s vegan, non-GMO and Kosher Deli Slices underwent rigorous consumer testing to ensure they exceeded expectations in terms of taste, texture and eating enjoyment. Respondents reported overall preference for the new slices by an impressive 59-81% (depending on SKU) over legacy slices. They enjoyed the ham and turk’y 40-42% more than expected, when incorporated into a recipe. These results affirm the brand’s commitment to creating elevated, wow-worthy plant-based foods that deliver a more nuanced and satisfying culinary experience.  

In addition to its next generation Plant-Based Deli Slices, Tofurky will be showcasing another new American comfort food classic: Plant-Based Hot Dogs. Ideal for stadiums, amusement parks, kids’ menus and so much more, these savory 100% plant-based franks have a juicy, firm bite and a meaty, smoky texture. Designed to hold up on roller grills, steam trays, or straight from the grill, Tofurky Plant-Based Hot Dogs are allergen-free, cholesterol-free, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free so they can be enjoyed by everyone.  

“Nearly half of all restaurants in the USA now offer plant-based options on their menus, and the past decade we’ve seen a 62% increase in plant-based menu items, according to Datassentials," added Athos. "Our vision is to dispel the myth once and for all that people must choose between enjoying something delicious and taking care of themselves and the planet. We can do both, and our new Deli Slices and Hot Dogs are much needed and turnkey solutions for a menus across any industry.” Said Athos. These new products are a testament to our commitment to supporting a sustainable future and people who embrace friendlier eating. We’re eager to align with partners who share this vision of how business can contribute to society, rather than taking from it.”  

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