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TurtleTree secures first commercial partnership focused on delivering performance benefits to endurance athletes

May 9, 2024

TurtleTree, a pioneer in sustainable nutrition, has announced that it has secured its first commercial partnership with Cadence Performance Coffee, a company dedicated to enhancing overall human performance. The Cadence team has years of experience providing advanced nutrition products, such as the deltaG ketone technology, to elite athletes, astronauts, 'extreme job' executives, and military units, and now brings to market a revolutionary espresso shot that includes TurtleTree's Lactoferrin (LF+), the world's first animal-free Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is known to enhance the performance of endurance athletes.

Iron deficiency affects 30-50% of athletes participating in endurance sports, making peak performance for training and competitions such as triathlons, marathons, and other endurance and high-altitude sports a challenge. Low levels of iron can lead to fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness and a whole host of other concerns. Supplementation of Lactoferrin can improve these symptoms and assist in better overall absorption, however, the world's supply is slim. More than 60% of the world's global Lactoferrin supply is channeled to our most vulnerable population; infants – leaving little for the adult nutrition market. With LF+, TurtleTree has tackled the challenge of scaling the production of Lactoferrin via precision fermentation, where microbes are programmed to produce specific functional ingredients, enabling it to supplement the global shortage of Lactoferrin as well as meet the demand of new consumers who were previously unable to access the protein because of supply issues.

"With this partnership in place we are validating that there is a need for Lactoferrin to be more accessible within the global supply chain for audiences other than infants and that we as an organization now have the means to begin filling those gaps," commented Fengru Lin, CEO, TurtleTree. "It is so exciting to see LF+ be used in novel ways to support the athlete community to reach their highest potential."

The new LF+ espresso shot will utilize only the highest-quality, artisanal coffee and other ingredients. Lactoferrin and coffee have a symbiotic relationship; while caffeine is known to reduce zinc and iron absorption from the diet, LF+ can combat this effect and ensure access to dietary micronutrients. Cadence is very proud to offer TurtleTree's remarkable ingredient to consumers in a delicious but functional ready-to-drink product that can easily fit into busy lifestyles.

"This collaboration signifies a commitment to health, sustainability, and innovation. This has been months in the making and we're thrilled to bring this partnership to fruition," added Dan LaValley, Founder, Cadence Performance Coffee. "Together, TurtleTree and Cadence Performance Coffee are redefining how consumers view coffee, offering high performers and athletes a convenient and delicious way to support their well-being with the added benefits of LF+."

Lactoferrin, also known as Pink Gold, named for its reddish-pink color, helps the body in three main ways. Lactoferrin is known for its ability to bind iron, which can improve red blood cell production, circulation of iron, and stored iron levels. This is critical for peak athletic performance. Due to its ability to bind to iron, Lactoferrin also plays a role in immune function, supporting immunity. Additionally, lactoferrin is great at maintaining a happy and healthy gut, maintaining microbiota diversity and supporting intestinal barrier function.

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