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Univar Solutions expands food ingredients portfolio with addition of Rovitaris plant-based proteins from ICL

June 1, 2023

Univar Solutions, a global solutions provider to users of specialty ingredients and chemicals, has announced that it has been selected as a distributor of ICL's Rovitaris textured plant proteins in North America. The companies currently have a distribution agreement for other ICL specialty food solutions, including phosphate and food ingredients.

"We are excited to continue developing our relationship with ICL and include their plant-based proteins in our specialty ingredients portfolio," said Kevin Hack, Global Vice President of Food Ingredients for Univar Solutions. "Not only does this arrangement provide us broader product representation with a strategic supplier, it enhances our food portfolio with complimentary protein products and enables us to better support meat alternative food producers. Both ICL and Univar Solutions are dedicated to improving sustainable food options and are an essential part of the global food supply chain."

In addition to their health and sustainability-related benefits, plant-based food innovations have helped satisfy new diets, food market trends, and concerns changing taste preferences. From specialty ingredient innovation to recipe testing, food brands of all sizes turn to Foodology by Univar Solutions for help tackling product development challenges. The organization's knowledgeable in-house scientists refresh and develop formulas to enhance the efficacy of products through its food solution centers and test kitchens while working toward the company's mission of keeping people healthy, fed, clean, and safe.

"We're excited to be expanding our relationship with Univar Solutions in North America to include plant-based proteins," added Paul Petersen, Global Alternative Proteins Leader for ICL. "ICL has more than a century of experience, and we are committed to creating impactful solutions to humanity's sustainability challenges in the global food markets. At ICL, we contribute to food security through a broad array of innovative solutions, including sustainable fertilizers, alternative proteins, and other products, which reduce food waste by enabling a longer shelf life."

Foodology by Univar Solutions' food ingredients expertise and expansive portfolio provides customers with access to innovative ingredients for next generation products, formulation know-how, supply chain network, sustainable solutions, and technical expertise in the dairy, beverages, bakery, meat and poultry, and snacks space. ICL's Rovitaris portfolio is comprised of plant-based protein ingredients, which provide texture, stability, and flavor profiles for a variety of vegan food applications and consumer products, such as plant-based burgers and milks.

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