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UNLIMEAT partners with JUST Egg to introduce various plant-based product collaborations

August 21, 2023

Zikooin Company (UNLIMEAT), an alternative meat company from Korea, has introduced plant-based egg products in partnership with JUST Egg, the USA-based market leader in the plant-based egg category. The two companies recently announced that they have signed a brand license agreement and will unveil new products using JUST Egg's beloved folded format.

JUST Egg is a division of Eat Just Inc, a food technology company with a mission to build a healthier, safer and more sustainable food system in our lifetimes. The firm's world-class team of researchers, food scientists, product developers and Michelin-starred chefs worked for years to find a plant that magically scrambles like an egg – and that plant is the mung bean. Mung beans are a protein-rich legume that have been in the global food system for thousands of years, but they've never been used quite like this. As a result, JUST Egg has a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional chicken eggs and from a health standpoint, it contains no cholesterol and a similar amount of protein as a chicken egg.

Zikooin Company has been pioneering the Korean alternative meat market with its wide variety of products, such as plant-based Korean BBQ, pulled pork, beef jerky, Mandu dumplings, sausage, and pepperoni, under its plant-based meat brand 'UNLIMEAT'. The company has also expanded its plant-based cheese line by developing vegan cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese with its own proprietary technology. Recently, the brand has ventured into the seafood category by launching a vegan tuna product.

Through this collaboration, Zikooin Company plans to launch various menu items and products that combine UNLIMEAT's plant-based meat and cheese products with JUST Egg's folded egg products.

The company's first collaboration item is the '100% Plant Protein Bomb Kimbap', which incorporates JUST Egg's folded eggs and various plant-based products from UNLIMEAT. It is a protein-packed concept filled with JUST Egg, UNLIMEAT sausage patty, and cheese, distinguishing it from traditional Kimbap recipes (pictured main). Kimbap is a beloved dish in Korea, made by rolling various ingredients in seaweed. Unlike sushi rolls, which are typically filled with only one ingredient, Kimbap is a nutritionally diverse food, filled with multiple types of vegetables and meats. UNLIMEAT & JUST Egg's Kimbap focuses on high protein content. The co-branded Kimbap will be available for delivery and sale in the Gangnam area starting in September.

Following the Kimbap launch, the companies plan to launch a breakfast sandwich, a convenient handheld format loved by many consumers in the USA (pictured right). The breakfast sandwich will feature all-vegan ingredients, including a Korean style Tteokgalbi (grilled short rip) patty, cheese, and JUST Egg. The vegan patty has a soybean protein base and is enhanced with umami flavor using onions, garlic, and green onions.

UNLIMEAT and JUST Egg have been noted for producing environmentally friendly and sustainable protein products. A representative from UNLIMEAT said, "We are excited to collaborate with Just Egg. As this collaboration unites brands with the same beliefs, we hope to develop a variety of products using JUST Egg's offerings and UNLIMEAT's plant-based substitutes. This will serve as an opportunity to expand the range of choices for consumers who enjoy vegan options."

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