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unMEAT wins key industry awards in Asia Pacific and Europe

October 31, 2022

unMEAT, the plant-based protein brand from Century Pacific Food, Inc (CPFI), has announced wins and recognition at three key industry trade shows in Asia Pacific and Europe – the FHA Singapore Expo, the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines Katha Awards, and SIAL Paris. Both the brand and its plant-based luncheon meat product, which launched in the USA this year, were recognized by industry peers for innovation and quality.

unMEAT’s canned luncheon meat was awarded Best in Show during the first day of the FHA Singapore Expo, making it the number one canned luncheon meat alternative in FHA. The luncheon meat was presented as part of the Alternative Protein Asia (APA) Tasting Bar, which offered samplings of alternative protein products from a variety of vendors. Results were based on voting by APA Tasting Bar participants.

Following the win at FHA Singapore, unMEAT was awarded the Katha Award for Best Food Innovation for 2022 at IFEX Philippines, presented by the country’s Department of Trade & Industry (DTI). IFEX, established in 1990, is the country’s leading export-oriented food show and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Its Katha Awards Program has celebrated Philippine ingenuity and outstanding products in the food industry since its inception.

"We are honored to be recognized by FHA Singapore and IFEX Philippines for our groundbreaking products and brand attributes," says Greg Banzon, Chief Operation Officer, CPFI. "We understand the benefits of incorporating more plant-based foods into our diets, as well as the need in the market for creative and great-tasting plant-based options. Our luncheon meat has become very popular among Asian consumers, and we are excited to bring this delicious, award-winning product to additional markets."

In addition to wins at APAC trade shows, unMEAT’s canned luncheon meat was chosen as a SIAL Innovation Paris Selection 2022. SIAL Paris is one of the food industry’s largest exhibitions, bringing together vendors and visitors from more than 200 countries. The SIAL Innovation competition recognizes the most inventive food and non-food-based products introduced to the market.

"We’re honored to be recognized as a SIAL Innovation Paris Selection 2022 and for the amazing consumer reception our luncheon meat received at the show" adds Banzon. "We believe eating plant-based should be easy for anyone – from vegans to flexitarians and more. As demonstrated by these recognitions, we only produce the highest-quality products – and keep them priced in alignment with their meat counterparts you see on the shelves for better accessibility."

Launched in 2020, unMEAT is pioneering the move to provide accessible, healthier and better-for-the-planet food choices

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