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Veganz Group secures investment grants from the state of Brandenburg

June 11, 2024

Veganz Group, the Berlin-based producer of plant-based food founded in 2011, had already had its application for investment grants approved by the Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg last year but has now also received notification that the agreed grants will be drawn down. This means that the investments made to date, as well as further planned investments in production facilities and the expansion of production capacities, can be settled within the framework of the agreed subsidies.

With the investments at Veganz Group AG’s new site in Ludwigsfelde, which houses the company’s headquarters in addition to the production of the new, innovative milk alternative Mililk using the 2D printing process and the ‘meat from peas’ production line, Veganz Group has successfully completed the transformation process it initiated in 2020 from a trading company to a production company.

“We were certainly not favored by the multiple crisis situations in recent years and the persistently unfavourable economic conditions on our path and had to overcome many challenges," said a spokesperson. "In our current setup as an innovative foodtech company with control over the entire value chain, we are now in a very promising position for profitable growth in the future, somewhat later than originally planned, and can react to market changes with maximum flexibility.”

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