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Viennese startup, Revo Foods, launches 2.0 version of its vegan fsh alternatives

May 14, 2024

Austria's Revo Foods has launched an enhanced Version 2.0 of its 'Revo Salmon', a 100% plant-based smoked salmon alternative based on pea protein. With a new name, 'Smokey Slices', and a fresh orange-red color, the vegan alternative takes inspiration from wild salmon. The new product has been available since 15 May in the Revo online shop as well as in Austrian supermarkets including Billa Plus, Interspar, Spar Gourmet and Metro. Smokey Slices comes in two flavors: 'Smokey Style' and 'Dill & Lemon Style'.

Revo Foods newest products have excellent bioavailability: this means that the consumed protein source is very digestible by the body. After this recipe optimization, Version 2.0 brings a brand-new taste created from carefully selected ingredients such as microalgae oils (DHA, EPA), high-quality pea proteins, and sea salt. The Smokey Slices also contain fibers and essential vitamins (Vitamin E, B12, B6). Also the Omega-3 fatty acid content is higher than in some aquacultured salmon products, 100g of Smokey Slices already cover 50% of the daily vitamin E requirement. This approach sets Revo Foods products apart from other alternatives by providing high nutritional benefits.

"Our mission is to create genuine alternatives that not only offer excellent taste and texture but also provide nutritional benefits while taking off of the pressure on marine ecosystems," commented Nike Farag, Creative Manager of Revo Foods. "We are 'Inspired by Mother Nature', we may not yet achieve her perfection, but we are committed to protecting her and treating her right."

With the ecological crisis and marine pollution happening right now, there is a growing demand for more sustainable alternatives - without toxin contamination, which is attributed to ocean acidification and marine pollution from plastics and chemical waste. Furthermore, the habitat of wild salmon is affected by conventional salmon from aquaculture.

Revo Foods develops new food technologies as a solution to ecological challenges. Investing in Revo Foods is possible from €100 and until 22 June 2024. The company has already raised more than 80% of the funding maximum of €1.5 million. With the capital raised, Revo Foods is expanding its production capacity of their 3D food printing technology to kickstart a large-scale production of 'THE FILET - Inspired by Salmon' (2.0) starting in Autumn 2024.

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