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Ÿnsect launches Sprÿng: a sustainable insect-based B2B2C brand for the pet-food market

May 9, 2023

Ÿnsect, a world leader in insect production, has today announced the launch of Sprÿng, its new B2B2C brand for the pet-food market. The brand features premium ingredients which combine scientifically proven benefits with a low environmental impact.

Sprÿng offers easy-to-incorporate, neutral-tasting, odorless and light brown ingredients, designed with the needs of pet-food manufacturers in mind. Made using the molitor mealworm, the ingredients are natural, highly nutritional, and healthy, and can be used in the production of dry and wet pet food. The ingredients boast the highest protein content in the insect market (up to 71%), low ash content (less than 5%), and linolenic acids.

Sprÿng embodies the company's mission to revolutionize our food system, whether for humans or pets. It comes on the back of Ÿnsect’s recent announcement to reaffirm the pet food market as one of the pillars of its short-term development strategy, alongside the opening of Amiens, the world's largest vertical farm which is preparing to make its first deliveries in 2023.

Sprÿng offers highly technical products to help reduce the environmental footprint of pet food.

The company has the concrete ambition to revolutionize the pet food market towards more sustainability. Compared to other ingredients with equivalent properties used in pet food, Sprÿng’s ingredients have a smaller environmental footprint.

As the number of pets in the world continues to grow, especially in Europe and the USA, pet owners are becoming increasingly demanding to satisfy the specific needs of their companions.

"Our pets are an extension of our family and there is nothing more important than your family’s health and safety," said Benjamin Armenjon, PhD, General Manager for Animal Nutrition & Health at Ÿnsect. "With that in mind, we looked for a way to maximize your pet’s quality of life by creating Sprÿng. The brand guarantees pet food manufacturers a sustainable option with the highest quality nutrition for their fur babies. It is the key to rebalancing our pet diets, providing nutrition, and protecting the environment."

"More than just ingredients, Sprÿng wants to enlighten pet owners and embody a real choice in the way they consume for their companions," added Alice Pabst Landon, Head of Marketing at Ÿnsect. "A choice without concession: quality without feeling guilty about its environmental footprint. Indeed, insect-based pet food has more than 50% acceptance rate among US pet owners according to Emerton Market research (versus 36% in 2019), and the recent study we carried out with OnePoll also found that 66% of dog and cat owners in the UK would be willing to feed their pets with insect-based ingredients. These surveys show that interest in insect-based pet foods is growing rapidly."

With Sprÿng, Ÿnsect intends to continue asserting itself as the leader in alternative proteins with health benefits and sources of performance, and thus rapidly increase its order book, which is currently estimated at more than $175 million in signed contracts and $1 billion in contracts under negotiation. The scale-up intends to rapidly gain a strong position in this market, which is estimated to be worth 78.4 billion dollars by 2026.

"Our mission with Ynsect has always been to create a natural, healthy and sustainable solution to combat world hunger. Sprÿng is the next evolution in bringing that mission into reality. This unique pet food provides our customers with a nutritious option for their pets that has the lowest environmental impact possible, something that has been unavailable before now," remarked Antoine Hubert, CEO Ÿnsect.

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