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APV membrane filtration technology takes plant-based products to the next level

February 6, 2023

SPX FLOW, Inc, a provider of process solutions for the industrial, nutrition and health markets, has introduced new technology for plant-based concentration using APV membrane filtration to provide clean-label products of higher nutritional value. Benefits include a greater yield, higher single-source protein content and a more sustainable process compared to traditional methods using evaporation and chemicals.

The concentration of plant-based beverages can be used as a protein-enriched base for yogurt and cheese alternatives, food additives, and other nutritious ingredients, which results in higher single-source protein content.

The APV membrane filtration technology features a wide range of solutions designed to fit various plant sources, including soy, oat, nut, rice, pea and more. The solutions – designed based on processing needs – include process filtration such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration for fractionation, concentration, and standardization of plant protein. Additionally, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems are available for solids concentration, valorization of subproduct, and water recovery.

“The benefits of this improved plant-based concentration are two-fold: a better, cleaner product for customers and a more sustainable, versatile and higher-yielding result for producers,” commented Allan Vangsgaard, SPX FLOW’s Global Product Manager for Nutrition & Health, Membrane Filtration. “More than ever, customers are looking for a variety that includes plant-based products, and we are excited to work with our partners to help grow the options available.”

The traditional plant-based concentration involves chemicals or evaporation and can result in a significant loss of proteins. SPX FLOW's specialized membrane systems allow gentle separation and concentration of product proteins without damage and less than 1% loss. This process also means fewer filler ingredients to maintain the nutritional value of a plant-based product.

SPX FLOW works with its partner companies to innovate both their products and the field of process solutions as a whole. With five Innovation Centers worldwide, including a membrane-specific Innovation Center in Silkeborg, Denmark, customers can test their products to find the best recipe or customized process.

Also, if a plant is already fitted for this type of concentration, producers can upgrade the membranes easily without overhauling the system.

“This filtration solution has been something our manufacturing partners have requested – and we listened,” added Vangsgaard. “This is a win-win for producers and manufacturers. We look forward to seeing the innovation that continues in the field.”

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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