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Austrian food-tech startup Revo Foods presents the 'Food Fabricator X2', the world's first industrial production-method for 3D-printed foods

January 18, 2024

Austrian startup Revo Foods has presented a new 3D food printing process for industrial applications for the first time, which you can see here via a YouTube video demonstrating the product. Featuring a novel multi-nozzle system, this innovation enables continuous food production, marking the first time that mass production of products is possible with 3D food printing technology.

Using a high-precision extrusion system, different ingredients can be combined with each other in any predefined structure, enabling the production of previously 'impossible' products. This means that new food categories such as authentic meat alternatives or products with innovative structures, shapes or textures can now be produced at large scale. This technology enables the new food industry segment of 'mass customization' for the first time, meaning the flexible control of product parameters such as sizes, shapes, materials or texture, without the need for hardware adjustments during the process.

As a production method of 'Industry 4.0', 3D food printing opens up new opportunities in the conventional food industry through digitization: the technology makes it possible to react flexibly to demand, produce different products in small batches and avoid food waste in production.

3D printing technology enables a completely new approach to creative product development and food production. One new area of application is the customization of texture palettes for plant-based meat alternatives. The controlled integration of a fat component into a plant-based protein fiber matrix is essential for whole-cut meat alternatives such as steaks or fish filets but has not yet been achievable with any other technology at a large scale, until now.

"3D food printing on an industrial level allows us to change the way we think about food," commented Dr Robin Simsa, CEO, Revo Foods. "Products that were previously very exclusive and more likely to be found in gourmet restaurants can now be produced on a large scale. I am excited about the new creative opportunities that open up to food product developers with the help of this technology."

As a proof-of-technology, 'THE FILET - Inspired by Salmon' was produced in September 2023, using this technology for the first time (Revo FFX1), marking the first scaleup of this 3D printing system. This salmon filet alternative based on mycoprotein was the first 3D-produced food available in supermarkets and has confirmed that there is a high interest of consumers and retailers in this technology.

To increase production capacity and meet demand, Revo Foods is now announcing its first public investment opportunity in the form of digital company shares. With this capital, the first stage of upscaling will be completed over the next two years (2024-2025). Revo Foods plans to expand production capacity in two additional major upscaling steps.

An investment in Revo Foods is possible from 18 January to 18 April 18 2024. At the start of the first public investment round, the company has already raised €435,000, underlining the public interest in the new technology and the company's mission. Investments in Revo Foods are made via the Germany-based green-tech investment platform FunderNation.

We are facing global environmental challenges - and Revo Foods offers new solution based on sustainable technology.

The world's oceans are the largest ecosystem on our planet. But 90% of the fish species are on the verge of exploitation, 30% of which are already completely overfished. People have understood that something must change, and so increasingly strict fishing laws are being introduced. Toxins and microplastic levels in conventional fish products and the threat of destabilization of the marine ecosystem are also leading to changes in the 400-billion-dollar fish market.

Revo Food's disruptive approach is to use new technologies to revolutionize food production and create completely new fish and meat alternatives with 3D technology and its flexible production system, the Revo Food Fabricator X2.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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