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Austrian protein startup receives investment from food-tech fund Sparkalis

February 8, 2024

Graz, Austria-based biotech startup, myBIOS, has secured funding from Belgian FoodTech investor Sparkalis. Founded in 2020, the young company specializes in developing innovative protein solutions through recombinant production. Their focus lies on biomaterials and enzymes with applications in various sectors, including medicine, food, and animal feed.

Sparkalis's interest lies in leveraging myBIOS's technology for precision fermentation, a sustainable approach to food production. This seed investment, while lacking publicly disclosed figures, grants Sparkalis nearly 14% ownership of myBIOS.

myBIOS CEO Claudia Rinnofner welcomed the collaboration, noting it exceeds mere financial backing. She highlighted Sparkalis's expertise and network, which will aid in implementing their solutions. This partnership allows myBIOS to focus on advancing its precision fermentation platform for food and feed applications.

2024 marks a pivotal year for myBIOS, with its sights set on launching an automated protein production platform. This ambitious project aims to revolutionize access to protein solutions by offering on-demand production services through a user-friendly online interface. Tailored tools and scalability options ensure the platform caters to diverse customer needs.

myBIOS isn't stopping there. It is further committed to its vision by investing in dedicated process development and production facilities. This comprehensive approach, dubbed 'stem-to-product', empowers customers to seamlessly navigate the journey from initial concept to final protein product.

"myBIOS aligns perfectly with our mission to empower pioneering entrepreneurs and support cutting-edge solutions," enthused Paul Baisier, Board Member at Sparkalis. "Their precision fermentation technology holds immense potential to transform the food and feed landscape. Beyond capital investment, we offer our expertise to accelerate myBIOS's journey towards achieving its ambitious goals."

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