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Burcon JV, Merit Functional Foods launches new organic pea protein

December 9, 2022

Burcon NutraScience Corporation, a company involved in the development of plant-based proteins for foods and beverages, has announced that its joint venture company, Merit Functional Foods Corporation has launched its first USDA Certified Organic protein ingredient, Organic Peazazz C 850.

Organic pea protein ingredients are currently in high demand and in short supply. Merit's new USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO pea protein provides an excellent opportunity to meet the growing need for plant-based organic nutrition. It features what the company claims is 'umatched' purity and high solubility with excellent taste and texture. With a purity level of more than 85% protein and a neutral flavor profile, Merit's organic pea protein offers high-quality sustainable nutrition and is ideally suited for applications such as ready-to-drink beverages, ready-to-mix protein powders, protein bars, dairy alternative products and more.

"Merit's high-value organic pea protein, Peazazz C 850, was specifically developed by Burcon to support the growing need for healthy plant-based clinical nutrition," said Kip Underwood, Burcon's CEO. "Consumers expect more from plant-based products and proteins derived from Burcon's proprietary platform offer exceptional taste and texture while providing a much-needed nutritional boost. Merit's new organic pea protein can help CPG companies meet consumers' increasing demands for healthy, sustainable food products."

Organic crops are grown and processed in alignment with guidelines for soil quality, pest and weed control, additive use, and more. It is often linked with ecological balance and biodiversity, key drivers in the sustainability movement in the food industry.

Merit's Organic Peazazz C850 is USDA Certified Organic by Ecocert, providing brands with a trusted source of organic pea protein.

"Organic protein is undoubtedly more laborious, as it requires stricter growing processes, stringent regulations, and unique filtration processes to get it right," added Ryan Bracken, Merit Co-CEO. "For that reason, Certified Organic options are scarce in the market with limited availability. But because of the consumer demand for alternative protein sources, we have put in the work to make organic pea protein scalable, accessible, and the highest quality to meet this growing market. Our unique membrane filtration process makes this premium option possible, meaning that now, organic protein tastes and functions better than ever before."

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