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Fazer introduces world-first 'Taste the Future' chocolate snack bar powered by Solein in Singapore

January 19, 2024

Introducing innovative and sustainable food solutions is one of Fazer Group’s strategic priorities, and to this aim, the Finnish company, whose focus is on fast-moving consumer goods and its direct-to-consumer business in the Nordics, Baltics, and beyond, has introduced a delicious addition to its offering.

Fazer is offering consumers in Singapore the opportunity to taste a product that includes Solein, protein created out of thin air made by Solar Foods, the Finnish food technology company on a mission to revolutionize global food production. In 2022, Solein received its novel regulatory approval in Singapore which makes it the first country in the world where consumers can enjoy products with Solein. Solar Foods has a novel food approval process in progress for Europe and the approval is expected to be received by the end of 2025.

“Innovating for a more sustainable food system requires a fearless approach; it means pioneering solutions and venturing new unexplored possibilities," said Heli Anttila, Vice President, New Product Development at Fazer Confectionery. "Fazer Taste the Future snack bar is the first ever packed consumer product where Solein is used. At Fazer we are continuously looking for opportunities to innovate for a more sustainable future, which is also why we have invested in Solar Foods, the Finnish start-up behind Solein.”

Fazer Taste the Future dark chocolate snack bar contains strawberries, hazelnut and Nordic oat puffs high in fiber. The snack bar is powered by Solein, a highly functional, nutritious and versatile ingredient that enriches the flavors and makes the bar high in iron. The snack bar is also palm oil free.

“This is an exciting moment for us working with Fazer – the very first time people can try Solein within a consumer snack," added Pasi Vainikka, CEO at Solar Foods. "This also demonstrates the potential of Solein as a sustainable and nutritious fortifier. With this introduction in Singapore, we are getting valuable customer feedback on Solein's viability in a new product category and also get a sense of the consumer acceptance of future ingredients. Our shared aim extends beyond this pivotal moment, targeting a wider scale European launch in 2025-2026 with a whole range of products.”

The limited edition of Taste the Future chocolate snack bar powered by Solein was introduced at selected The Cocoa Trees candy shops in Singapore. Fazer also arranged an open tasting on 18 and 20 January at Raffles City Shopping Centre’s The Cocoa Trees shop.

As the world is rapidly changing and it is increasingly difficult to predict consumer behaviour and requirements, direct consumer feedback is very valuable. With consumer feedback received through the tasting, Fazer will develop the product further and initiate preparations for potential wider launches in Europe once needed regulatory approvals have been received

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