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Givaudan’s Plant Attitude Challenge invites startups to show how to decrease costs of an alt-protein recipe while ensuring a delicious consumer experience

April 15, 2024

Five alternative protein startups from around the world will join Givaudan’s ‘Plant Attitude Challenge’ this Wednesday, 17 April, and pitch how their solutions can decrease costs on one of their standard recipes by up to 20% while still ensuring a delicious and nutritious consumer experience.

Startups taking part in the Challenge will also articulate how they are precisely addressing insights from Givaudan’s recent white paper with UC Berkeley, 10 Alternative Protein Pathways: Opportunities for Greater Efficiency.

Challenge finalists include Eat Typcal (Brazil), Meatless Kingdom (Indonesia), Eternal (USA), Juicy Marbles (Slovenia), and BVeg Foods (India). These five companies will present their pitches at a live virtual event this week, with both public and jury voting, and the winner will go on to collaborate with Givaudan on their innovation idea.

“We created the Plant Attitude Challenge to inspire companies to translate the 10 pathways from our recent white paper into cost effective alt-protein innovations that don’t compromise on all the things that delight consumers – including taste, mouthfeel, visual appeal and nutrition," commented Flavio Garofalo, Global Director, Culinary & Plant Attitude, Givaudan, said. "We strongly believe that collaboration and strategic partnerships are key to success in alt-protein, and by teaming up to share knowledge, expertise and resources, we can innovate and get products to market more quickly.”

The winning startup will collaborate with Givaudan, which offers a global ecosystem of protein hubs and alt-protein experts, as well as state-of-the art digital technologies and an integrated portfolio of solutions.

Expert jury members will include Flavio Garofalo, Global Director Culinary & Plant Attitude, Givaudan, Dr Sudhir Joshi, Professor, University of California Berkeley, Beatriz Jacoste Lozano, Director KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, and Jolene Lum, Head Business Development, Nurasa.

The live Plant Attitude Challenge event on 17 April is open to the public, and every participant will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite startup innovation. Register here and download the white paper, 10 Alternative Protein Pathways: Opportunities for Greater Efficiency here.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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