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Hero Certified Burgers expands partnership with NotCo to launch plant-based and non-dairy food options across Canada

April 17, 2023

With an extensive existing array of plant-based options, Hero Certified Burgers is continuing to tap into the growing consumer demand for plant-based foods, to give Hero Certified Burgers' customers all the benefits of healthier and more sustainable plant-based food options with no sacrifice of flavor. To that end, it has just announced a new partnership with NotCo Canada, Inc.

As a pioneer shifting towards sustainable food practices, Hero Certified Burgers embraces NotCo's artificial intelligence (AI) food technology to do its part in lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the careless use of water and energy as compared to animal-based farming. Hero Certified Burgers believes we collectively must consider what we eat and how our food is made to do our part in saving the planet. Hero Certified Burgers' partnership with NotCo not only represents a brand alignment, but also highlights Hero Certified Burgers' 'Going Green' initiative, which adheres to offering delicious plant-based alternatives to our customers.

Hero Certified Burgers, a long-standing leader in fast casual dining, was one of the first fast-dining operations in Canada to offer fully traceable Canadian Angus Beef, raised without antibiotics or additional hormones. As a company driven to provide quality products for their customers, Hero Certified Burgers prides itself on exceptional service offering fresh, great-tasting food, including a variety of Real Good plant-based meat alternatives.

NotCo plant-based products, now available at Hero Certified Burgers, are developed using a combination of NotCo's first-of-its-kind patented AI technology, named Giuseppe, and chefs. Giuseppe was created by NotCo's team to understand the foods people love to eat and look for ways to recreate them by replacing all animal-based ingredients with plant-based ones. This technology has the ability to analyze animal-based product structure at the molecular level and replicate it using only plant-based goodness.

"Canadians are looking for food alternatives and we are thrilled to be able to serve elevated plant-based food items to our customers alongside an innovative company like NotCo, which uses advanced technology to recreate impressive plant-based and non-GMO options that replicate the meat alternatives," said John F. Lettieri, Founder, President & CEO of Hero Certified Burgers.

A few of Hero Certified Burgers' delicious 100% plant-based options include 'Spicy Plant-Based Soul Burger', 'Meatless Crispy Chicken Sandwich', 'Meatless Crispy Chick'n Nuggets' and grab-and-go NotMilk, all of which are powered by NotCo's products: 'NotBurger', 'NotChicken Burger', 'NotChicken Nuggets' and 'NotMilk'. Customers also have the option to build their own 100% plant-based burger based on their own preferences

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