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Kerry opens Southern Europe Innovation Centre in Barcelona to serve customers across region

March 23, 2023

Kerry, the taste and nutrition specialist, has officially opened its Southern Europe Innovation Centre in Barcelona, Spain, as part of the ongoing expansion of its presence in the region serving Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

The new facility will combine Kerry’s current office in Barcelona with a new customer suite and applications labs and will operate in conjunction with technology centers in Vigo and Granada, as well as the global taste centers of excellence in Grasse in France and Mozzo in Italy. It will allow Kerry to work more closely with customers in the South European region to develop solutions across food and beverage categories, including retail manufacturing and food-service.

Commenting on the opening of the new facility, Juan Soto, VP and General Manager for Kerry South Europe, said: “This investment will help us respond to our customers’ needs at pace, as we work closely together in partnership to deliver sustainable nutrition to consumers through our globally connected, locally led approach. Kerry’s strategic investments in the region underscore the emergence of Southern Europe as a very significant base for food manufacturing and innovation. We are excited to further the delivery of our insights and technologies across taste, plant based, food waste and health and bio-pharma across the region.”

Kerry has been supporting food and beverage manufacturers in Southern Europe for decades, with sites located across Italy, France and Spain. The company established its first commercial office in Barcelona in 1998, while its first manufacturing investment in Spain came with the acquisition of Vendin (2016). The company has more recently completed the strategic acquisitions of Hasenosa, Pevesa and Biosearch Life. The launch of the new center brings Kerry’s investment in Iberia to more than €200 million in the past four years.

The new Southern Europe Innovation Centre in Barcelona was completed with the support of ACCIÓ, including funding under the framework of the aid programme for high-impact business investments in Catalonia.

(Picture shows Juan Soto, Vice President & General Manager, Kerry Southern Europe; Therese O’Rourke, Chief Technology Officer, Kerry Europe; Albert Castellanos i Maduell, Secretary of Business and Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Accio; Susanna Ferrer, Honorary Consul of Ireland, Barcelona; and Thomas Hahlin Ahlinder, President & CEO of Kerry Europe, pictured at the launch of Kerry’s Southern Europe Innovation Centre in Barcelona, Spain)

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