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Konscious Foods expands world’s first frozen plant-based sushi and more into food-service across North America

December 14, 2023

Konscious Foods, a plant-based seafood brand, has announced plans to expand its food-service offerings across North America in 2024. The brand is now officially entering the US food-service market, while appointing Affinity Group Canada as broker for the Canadian market.

Konscious Foods offers restaurant, food-service, deli and quick service operators a wide array of chef-crafted products all made from plants. Each item is designed with operational efficiency, sustainability, taste and quality in mind, including four varieties of plant-based sushi (California, Salmon Avocado, Tuna Avocado and Rainbow Roll); salmon block or poke cubes; tuna block or poke cubes; and Sno’ crab pack; and four varieties of plant-forward onigiri (Kale Gomae, Japanese Vegetable Curry, Roasted Corn and Poblano, and Korean BBQ Mushroom).

In 2023, Konscious Foods launched the world’s-first frozen sushi, poke bowls and onigiri in 4,500 retailers across North America, as well as a ready-to-eat items featured in the sushi counters of Whole Foods Market.

Founded by Yves Potvin –plant-based industry leader, trained chef, creator of the world’s first veggie hot dog, and founder of Yves Veggie Cuisine and Gardein – Konscious Foods is said to be his most exciting endeavor yet.

“Food-service presents many options for us to make impact at scale in 2024,” said Potvin, Founder & President of Konscious Foods. “We are on a mission to help consumers embrace a more plant-based and sustainable diet by breaking the barriers to entry in this category–such as taste and affordability. By bringing our beloved products to more distribution channels, we know more people will be able to embrace a plant-forward lifestyle.

“We also know how overworked and understaffed many of America’s kitchens and cafeterias are," Potvin added. "With our proprietary ‘Thaw & Serve’ design, we can save significant labor costs and time, while also cutting down on food waste by extending shelf-life.”

Plant-based food is in increasingly high demand, with recent research revealing nearly half of US restaurants already offer plant-based options – a 62% increase over the 11 years – and food-service companies like Sodexo announcing 50% of its campus offerings will be vegan by 2025. January marks the return of Veganuary – a non-profit organization on a mission to encourage the adoption of a vegan diet in January and beyond – meaning even more companies across the globe will commit to offering plant-based options and/or challenging employees to eat vegan for the first month of the year.

Konscious Foods’ offerings are all non-GMO Project verified, gluten free, 100% plant-based, organic where possible, and free from carrageenan and titanium dioxide.

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