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Moolec Science acquires food ingredient capabilities to consolidate molecular farming technology

April 17, 2023

Moolec Science, the science-based food ingredient company focused on producing animal proteins in plants through molecular farming, has announced the acquisition of plant-based food ingredient capabilities dedicated to the production and commercialization of functional soy proteins. This will help to accelerate Moolec’s growth in the food ingredients industry by expanding its commercial network with a top-notch sales team and complementing its Molecular Farming Platform with industrial capacity, downstream operations, and a highly experienced team of professionals.

“This strategic decision accelerates our business plan’s execution by combining existing commercial and manufacturing capabilities in different geographies, with the deep-science approach of our Molecular Farming Platform. As a result, Moolec is well-positioned to accelerate its sales ramp ahead of schedule starting in the 2023/2024 period with estimated revenues in the range of US$6 million,” commented José López Lecube, Moolec Science’s Chief Financial Officer.

These food ingredient capabilities resulting from the integration of ValoraSoy include state-of-the-art industrial facilities with a processing capacity of 10,000 tons strategically located in one of the main Argentine soybean corridors; a team of technicians, engineers, agronomists, and plant-based professionals; and commercial channels in more than 14 countries on three different continents. Soy-based protein ingredients are manufactured using several extrusion technologies and processes which yield ingredients with texture and fibrousness similar to meat. These solutions are utilized in several end products such as hamburgers, sausages, and other plant-based products in the traditional and alternative food industries, industrially and commercially complementary with Moolec’s Molecular Farming pipeline.

“We believe plant-based technologies and molecular farming taken together have the power to contribute towards global food security," added Henk Hoogenkamp, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of Moolec. "Moolec is developing the plant-proteins of the future by using highly efficient high-protein crops, in this case soybeans, to produce a wide variety of proteins naturally found in animals. Combining these crops with ValoraSoy’s capabilities, we can accelerate our technology rollout but also specifically target certain solutions by incorporating real-time feedback from existing customers around the globe.

"Leveraging this position, we can consolidate our Molecular Farming Platform and lower the cost of protein-rich foods as we drive functionality, nutrition, and affordability for the up-and-coming economies of the world,” Hoogenkamp said.

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