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MyForest Foods announces availability in Whole Foods Markets

February 12, 2024

MyForest Foods Co has today announced the availability of its flagship product, MyBacon, in the North Eastern Region of Whole Foods Market.

This regional entry, which contains 57 Whole Foods Market locations, marks added expansion in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The announcement of this new retailer comes on the heels of an additional new retail partner, MOM’s Organic Market, which increases MyBacon’s availability throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

This expanded availability brings MyForest Foods’ commercial retail location list to over 350 locations across eight states in the Northeast. The demand for MyForest Foods’ unique mycelium-based offerings is driven by consumer satisfaction for delicious taste, a clean, five-ingredient label, and an appreciation for the company’s earth-compatible mission. Since its initial 2020 launch, consumers have cleared MyBacon from retailers’ shelves as fast as they can stock them.

“This journey has been about so much more than launching a product,” stated Sarah-Marie Cole, Chief Marketing Officer of MyForest Foods. “This is the domestication of an entirely new crop: AirMycelium. It’s a crop that offers a delicious, whole-cut, farm-to-table experience. We can’t wait to share it with long-time fans and new consumers alike.”

“Since we’re growing the mushroom’s roots – not its fruits – the farming technology has been a process of trial and error,” explained Eben Bayer, MyForest Foods Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board. “We have dialed in on the precise environmental factors necessary to grow delicious and nutritious whole cuts of mycelium. Our farm may have been the first of its kind, but it won’t be the last. Today, as our farm is producing towards capacity, our partner mushroom farm, Whitecrest Innovations Inc (Canada), is poised to double our production in 2024. Whitecrest has proven that we can enable existing mushroom farms to add AirMycelium to their crop repertoire. It’s a significant opportunity for both the grower and MyForest Foods.”

“MyBacon’s increased distribution has been a full team effort,” added Greg Shewchuk, CEO of MyForest Foods. “From perfecting our farming process to achieving organic certification on our farm-grown mycelium to refining our clean-label recipe, this past year has required hard work, resilience, and dedication. The team is tireless; the results reflect that. We are ready and excited for this critical point in our expansion.”

MyBacon is a plant-based and Kosher-certified meatless bacon made from just five ingredients: organic oyster mushroom mycelium (the vegetative root structure of mushrooms), salt, organic sugar, organic coconut oil, and natural flavors. With a taste, smell, and texture similar to traditional bacon, MyBacon’s light-touch farming and production process uses less land and water and produces less carbon than conventional pork production.

The application of AirMycelium farming technology produces a whole-cut product, filling a significant market gap and bolstering a new industry category.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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