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Nestlé launches Maggi Rindecarne meat alternative

July 4, 2024

Nestlé is shaking things up in the plant-based world with Maggi Rindecarne, a meat extender that combines soy and spices.

This innovative product allows consumers to stretch their minced meat further, effectively doubling the number of servings in their favorite dishes without sacrificing affordability – a key concern for many. But affordability isn't the only perk. Nestlé assures that Rindecarne seamlessly integrates with minced meat, preserving the familiar taste and texture that consumers love. Importantly, incorporating Rindecarne doesn't compromise on nutrition, likely due to the inclusion of soy, a good source of plant-based protein.

Versatility is another key feature – Maggi Rindecarne can be used in a variety of minced meat dishes, offering flexibility for home cooks. This launch aligns with Nestlé's commitment to sustainable food solutions, with combining plant-based ingredients with meat potentially reducing the environmental impact of meat production.

Swen Rabe, Head of Nestlé's Product & Technology Center for Food, highlighted the development process: "Our team designed Rindecarne to deliver an affordable protein option for consumers in Latin America. It maintains the familiar taste and texture of minced meat, has a long shelf life, and is convenient to use."  

This isn't Nestlé's first venture into plant-based innovation. In 2022, they piloted a shelf-stable plant-based protein blend in Latin America, designed to complement egg dishes in a cost-effective and nutritious way. They've also developed an affordable and nutritious beverage solution for Central and West Africa that combines milk with locally sourced ingredients. The introduction of Maggi Rindecarne signifies Nestlé's continued exploration of possibilities at the intersection of animal and plant-based ingredients. This approach aims to maximize nutrition, affordability, and sustainability, potentially shaping the future of food choices for consumers around the world.

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