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Planted launches its innovative fermented steak onto the retail shelves Coop and REWE

May 27, 2024

Following its successful launch into European food-service in March, the Swiss food-tech pioneer, Planted, has announced that its planted.steak is now available at retailers Coop (Switzerland) and REWE (Germany), in the Planted webshop, and can also be found on the menus of various restaurants across Europe.

The planted.steak heralds a new era in the category of large plant-based cuts of meat with its first fermented plant-based steak. The planted.steak is made from natural ingredients that in their combination offer exceptional flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Thanks to an innovative fermentation process, it also has a pronounced umami flavor.

The use of fermentation technology enables Planted to process further plant-based protein sources and improve the wholesomeness and flavor experience of its products. The steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soya protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour and a special mixture of microbial cultures. It has a high protein and fiber content, contains important micronutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron, and is low in saturated fatty acids.

The planted.steak therefore not only satisfies the health-conscious palate, but also appeals to real meat lovers. It is suitable for anyone who loves the bite and flavor of red meat but wants to enjoy it without the negative effects such as its environmental impact.

During the research and development process, Planted collaborated with more than 50 restaurateurs to develop a steak that is unrivaled in terms of flavor, texture, process and taste experience. "Our planted.steak is crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palate," said Lukas Böni, Co-founder, Planted. "This is a real game changer – not just for us, but for the entire industry. No other plant-based steak uses only natural ingredients, no additives and is characterized by such juiciness and tenderness."

With the plant-based steak, Planted is once again emphasising its pioneering role and innovative strength in the field of alternative proteins. The planted.steak has been available for consumption in many European restaurants since March 2024. In Switzerland, well-known restaurants such as the Kronenhalle and the Lindenhofkeller are delighting their guests with planted.steak creations.

"The planted.steak fulfils demanding culinary requirements and allows us chefs to focus on what we do best: creating emotions and sharing them with others," commented Peter Schärer, Executive Head Chef at the famous restaurant Kronenhalle in Zurich.

But the planted.steak isn't just a culinary innovation; it's a scalable sustainable solution to the environmental challenges posed by traditional meat production, especially beef production. Creation of the planted.steak needs 97% less CO2e emissions per product weight compared to its animal counterpart. Beef production requires large pasture areas or agricultural land to grow feed and the production of feed for cattle requires significant amounts of energy, land, and other resources. Cattle digestion and manure releases more greenhouse gases. Compared to poultry or pigs, cattle have a longer growth period before they are ready for slaughter. During this time, they consume feed and continuously produce methane. In terms of water footprint, planted.steak further requires 81% less freshwater than an animal counterpart.

By significantly reducing CO2e emissions and freshwater consumption, Planted meats are paving the way for a more sustainable future without compromising on taste, quality or eating experience.

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