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Redefine Meat accelerates UK distribution to ‘meat’ demand with eight wholesaler partners

July 6, 2023

Redefine Meat is ramping up its UK distribution to meet demand with eight wholesaler partners. This means the plant-based pioneer's new-meat products now span national and regional brands; including Albion Fine Foods, Braehead Foods, Brakes, Classic Fine Foods, Elite Fine Foods, Food Republic, Forest Produce and Zebra Plant Based.

Internationally endorsed by Michelin-star chefs, steakhouses, fine dining establishments and hotel chains, for a level of taste and texture comparable to high-quality animal meat, Redefine Meat’s range of premium whole cuts, mince-based products and pulled meats are available to food-services nationwide.

From a delicious new-meat flank steak, authentic lamb kofta, slow-cooked pulled pork, juicy burger to an authentic minced product, Redefine Meat’s new-meat is ideal for diners seeking to reduce their consumption of traditional meat whether vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and even meat lovers.

The versatility of the portfolio makes it an ideal solution for premium dining outlets looking to offer more varied sustainable options to more casual dining restaurants seeking minced products with the taste and texture of traditional meat. The delicious and quality meat portfolio also inspires culinary creativity at every level of cuisine and promotes sustainable eating, providing the taste, smell and texture of traditional meat to give diners the same sensory experience.

“We’re very excited to be launching Redefine Meat into our plant-based range," enthused Michael Nelson, Senior Category Manager, Centre of Plate at Brakes (Sysco GB), one of Redefine Meat’s new wholesaler partners. "Plant-based has seen enormous growth in recent years and to maintain that position we need to have the most innovative solutions in our portfolio.

“The feedback from our chefs and customers has been overwhelmingly positive with the quality and product texture achieved providing something genuinely different in a crowded sector. We can see real potential for the range, particularly among our hospitality customers looking for a menu hero item that both vegans and meat lovers can enjoy.”

“As a massive meat lover myself, I’m always dubious about meat-free alternatives, so if I have been won over then I’m sure your customers will be too," added Craig Stevenson, Managing Director, Braehead Foods another new partner. "Redefine Meat products are a game changer to our meat-free offering, bringing products to our portfolio that are attractive as both meat alternatives and replacements. Our initial feedback from customers has been fantastic and I look forward to rolling out a core range this summer."

“After trying the full range of new-meat I was certain that I wanted to add it to our offering," stated Tony Quick, Managing Director of Forest Produce. "As a versatile company, Forest Produce is always looking to add to our extensive range of ground-breaking products. We love the concept behind the products and the care and passion that has gone into creating them.

“From steakhouses to beach cafes, the range works for all. We love that we can now offer the incentive to move towards a more flexitarian diet. Our customers are telling us just how much they can tell that the product has been well thought out and researched, and its sustainability and ethical values truly shine through.”

“Following our expansion in the UK we’re now working with some of the most iconic brands across all dining occasions to help expand their plant-based menus to meet the growing appetite for meat alternatives," said Simon Owen, Head of UK, Redefine Meat. "This requires a range of efficient and effective wholesaler partners able to fulfil our growing demand and who share our vision for offering a wider range of delicious and sustainable plant-based options that satisfy all five senses.”

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